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I see all these pretty cat collars and I'm finding myself wanting some for the babies (I'm an over cautious mommy) but it seems Paige, who likes "necklaces" has an abnormally small neck (the collar I just got for 8-12 inches is too big for her and I can stick a whole hand inher collar with her. :/ I don't think she'd like a beastie band though... any ideas? I'm not even worried about the material anymore, because she's gonna be kept trimmed.

Unfortunately Molly wants nothing to do with us putting anything on her at all, even though she looks adorable with a collar on.
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A beastie band is the way to go. My boys never have liked a collar at all. They will wear the Beastie Bands with no problems and they can also be cut to fit your babies neck. There are some really cut designs also
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How about something like this?


Seems they're handmade to your babies measurements!

NNONONONO!! Look at this one!!!


Paige would be GORGEOUS in this!! Her pear fur will match the pear necklace!

Psst....don't tell anyone, but my Pookie boy likes to wear jewelry, too The flashier, the better!
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How pretty!
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Dima those are so cute, but I know Paige will break the beauty right off.. Darn little talons.. Ah well.. soft claws here we come..... O.o
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Oh bummer!! They're ssssssssoooo pretty. Paige's fur would just look so gorgeous with that. How about making one yourself? Some elastic, some stitchwitchery or thread, some soft material all scrunched up. Make sense? Might work!
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Wow, beutiful. But I think my Spot not want.
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What, is he not comfortable with his masculinity?
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