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Is Cobra a cursed cat owner???

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It seems very strange to me. It seems every cat I've ever had has died quickly or got lost . My first true bonding relationships really only started last year. Anyways, here is the story of my loving cats.

July 2003 I heard cries in my sideyard. I wasn't sure at first whether it was real kittens, but then it got louder. I then looked under my side deck and then I saw a bunch of kittens. There was still one kitten stuck somewhere under the deck. I then wnet under my deck and rescued him. I was so suprised to find 5 feral kittens, 3 spotted, two grey. I didn't know what to do at first. I should of went on the internet first hand and found out what to do, but I didn't. I wonered whether the mother cat might come to look for the kitttens. So I put them in a basket with blankets and I even put cow's milk in there. How stupid I was, they might of wonered in their and got wet. It was a cold night. When I returned the next day, two died , and two were missing . What happened to two of those newborn kittens I do not know, but I hope they are in good health where ever they are. There was one survivor, it was one of the two grey kittens. I burried the other two.

I vowed that this wouldn't happen to the survivor, so I rushed to the internet to find ways to take care of newborn feral kittens. And was I suprised, it was actually hard work. So I bought KMR and a kitten bottle, along with a warm enviroment for him to stay. He was a very nice little kitten, I eventually named him Kane. Two weeks later though, he past away after rushing him to the vets, and they couldn't save him :bawling. It was a very sad day. To cheer me up, my family called a friend to find a cat, and did he. He found probably the best cat ever to walk the Earth.

He is an energetic orange tabby kitten of 10 weeks which I later calld Rocky. He was seriously a perfect cat for someone like me. Very playful and loving and I grew just as attatched to him as I did Kane, maybe more. I had him for much longer and watched him grow up. When time came, he was nuetered, which slowed him down it seems, but he was still as loving. Then about 5 days after his first birthday (May 10), he disappeared without a trace. It was May 15 when he disapeared, about the same time I registered on this forum. I havn't seen not one trace of him since . I really hope he is alright. I have put posters everywhere

Last Tuesday, I adopted an older black cat from a nieghbor who was going to give him to the pound which I later named Anubis. He too was a very loving cat. A couple days later I took him to see a special vet who is about 100 miles away, and when I got in the parking lot and opened the door, Anubis ran out. I tried chasing him, but he was to fast, especially in the middle of the new city. I then lost another cat.

This all happened in one year. But why did these events have to happen??? I'm starting to think I have been cursed not to have cats anymore. They always seem to die or disappear quickly .
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Hi Cobra,

I'm sorry that your cats have gone missing or moved to the Rainbow Bridge. Whatever it is, I'm definitely sure that you are not a cursed cat owner. Some cat/ kitten is just waiting for you to take him/her home. Do keep giving love to those strays and you will receive your share back really soon, I promise.
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I don't think you're cursed, but I do think you could use some helpful advice, and there are very experienced and knowledgeable people on this board who are willing to help you. Also, the archieved threads contain a lot of useful information.
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You aren't cursed, you've just been unlucky. My boyfriends mum lost 2 cats and had one die all within a year. Jester (her cat now) must be about 3 by now and she's had him since he was about 6 weeks. The purrfect kitty is out there waiting for you - don't give up on Rocky. My mum's cat was missing for ages (months) and he's back safe and sound now, one of my mum's friends lost a cat and it didn't come home for a year and a half.
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It might be "bad luck," as in this isn't typical for someone of your habits, but it's not very surprising.

I used to have "bad luck" with "pets" as well--until I realized that it was my own ignorance and bad habits that they paid for with their lives. Now I don't have "bad luck," because I don't allow it to happen.

Now you know how to take care of orphaned kittens, to keep cats inside, and to use secure carriers during transport. Don't kill yourself over the past, but realize your mistakes and learn from them. Your future kitties will thank you for it. How did Kane die btw?
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You are not cursed so please don't think that way. It sounds like you have had to learn some important aspects of cat care the hard way. As for the newborn kittens, even when you know what to do, sometimes, as hard as you try, you can't save them. If it ever happens again here is a good website to have bookmarked: www.kitten-rescue.com

It is always wise when you have only a few cats to keep them indoors, and when you transport and animal, always do so in a carrier. For your protection as well as theirs. It is an important lesson you have learned several times over. Hopefully, the next cat or kitten you get you will be armed with the knowledge to keep him safe and protected and the two of you can enjoy a very long life together.
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No, You aren't cursed. As someone pointed out, keep your cats indoors, use carriers when transporting them and so on.

I used to think I was a "cursed" dog owner. (probably again, lack of knowledge and willingness to "problem-solve" on my P's part!)

Our first dog was abused by its former owner and ran away all the time (even from a fenced yard) so my dad gave him to the pound. Our second dog got hit by a car at a 9 months old, the third and fourth were siblings and my parents couldn't get them to obey so they went to the shelter. Our 5th dog was a stray. The owner re-claimed after we had him a month. Our 6th dog was given to us as a puppy. He was traumatized by a crazy man in our neighborhood (who tresspassed on our property) and the dog became aggressive so he was put to sleep. Our 7th dog was a Golden Retriever. She was the love of my life. When she was 3.5 years old, she developed epilepsy. The vet wasn't very encouraging and so my parents "pressured" me (I was only 17 at the time) to have her PTS. Our 8th dog was a little Cocker Spaniel. My mother became very allergic to her and I had to find her a new home. my 9th and final dog was a Husky puppy. He was so stubborn and bit very hard and I couldn't break him of it. He hated living with us. I re-homed him with a man who had previous Husky experience. I have had much better "luck", knowledge, experience, whatever, with the kitties!! Although... I am giving dog ownership ONE more chance after I move away from my parents and get married. I am going to try and own a Beagle.
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I'm sorry to hear about all the trouble you've had. I'd suggest that you invest in a good cat care book before adopting another cat, to better prepare yourself for possible accidents, illnesses, etc.. There are several suggestions listed right here: http://www.thecatsite.com/cat_shop/shop.php?a=bookscare
And of course you'll get lots of valuable information right here on TCS.
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Not curse! Sorry for your cats! Just better next time!
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Actually, none of my cats usally run away when I keep them loose in my car. Nut while driving the long trip, I thought he needed to go to the bathroom, so I let him out in a park area and he took and run for it. What do you do if a cat has to go to the bathroom in the middle of a long car trip?
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I would use a leash or have a small litter box in the back floor of your car. My son brought a kitten from Texas to NY state,with a litter box and a leash.He had no problems.
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Cobra, first I want to say it's not a good idea to have a loose cat in your car while you're traveling. The cat could get down on the floor near your feet and interfere with your ability to use the gas and brake pedals. The cat could also distract you in some other way and cause a fatal accident.

If you want to let your cat out of the car while you're traveling, you will need to train the cat to accept wearing a harness and leash well in advance of the trip.
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I agree with Lorie. Leaving your cat loose in your car was not a wise thing to do. You could have had an accident. Also cats are not dogs, letting them out only encourages them to run away, especially letting them out of a parked car. On long trips you take a litter box. On short trips you put disposable diapers inside the carrier to catch accidents until you get the cat safely home.
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You can put newspapers, covered by a thick towel, in the bottom of the carrier, and take extra newspapers and towels as replacements. Once again, I'd suggest reading some books on cat care in order to get an idea of what challenges cat guardians face.
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