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Stephanie, how is Sierra, is she home? Give her a hug for me!
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yes, is she home? did it go well? what were the results? I'm sure you're getting settled.....really want to hear!
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Stephanie, I have only just seen your thread. Oh poor Sierra. Is she OK? Back home with you now? Lots of hugs to you and Sierra.
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Anxiously awaiting the news. Hope all turns out well!
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I can hardly wait any longer.... I am so anxious to know how our little star is doing
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We're home! Sierra did very well! She has a little shaved spot on the right side of her neck and ointment around her eyes. Her eyes are a little red and still a little sleepy. Her coordination is off a bit, when she put her hands up on the cabinet she fell over. Her teeth are so white and pretty! When I asked if she could eat as soon as we got home, the Dr. said it would be fine but not to be concerned if she didn't want to eat for the rest of the night and that she may not eat as much as usual tomorrow. Not my Sierra! As soon as she walked in the kitchen, she talked non stop and danced around the fridge! She ate over half the can of Innova and wanted more! I told her she could have some more later because I didn't want her to eat too much too fast and get sick. She then proceeded to lick the floor where one of the little potato pieces had fallen! Nope, I don't believe her appetite was effected very much! Her lab results will all come back tomorrow. The Dr. will call to give them to me and then mail me a copy. Her physical exam shows her to be in perfect health. She still weighs 10 lbs., and the Dr. says it would still be a good idea for her to lose at least 1 lb...but at least she hasn't gained any more! While I've been typing this she has jumped up here and gone to sleep! On her first jump on the table she slipped and fell off. When I saw that she was OK I acted like I didn't see. Her pride has been injured enough today. Boy did I miss my sweet girl! I'm so happy she's back home where we can be together!Thanks everyone for all of your support and concern!
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Great news Stephanie! I am so glad I know you were worried and I know that both you and Sierra are glad this is all over with!
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Great news Stephanie, what a relief for you.
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Oh yeah! Good job Sierra! Great job! That's wonderful. She sure looks like she's perfect to us!
<<<From Sasha: yes, she does wink wink >>>
But lose 1 lb? OMG, Sasha is 21 lbs and Sierra looks like an appealing waif to him! I'm sure her tests will all be in the normal range. I bet it was just nervewracking as heck, I'd be checking the clock every moment, UG!
What was her reaction when she first saw you??
I am very happy to hear this tonight!
Elizabeth and Mr. S.
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Hurray!!!! glad that Sierra is ok
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Glad Sierra is back and is okay!
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I'm so happy to hear that Sierra is doing great through out her ordeal! Please give her some sweet loves from me!
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Welcome Home!!! I am so happy you are back at home with your mom...She really missed you!!!
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Thank you guys so much for sharing my joy! You have all made my day so much more pleasant and by far increased my security in the procedure. Sierra is still quite uncoordinated. She has twice now fallen from the cabinet and twice from the table. From here on until we go to bed, I will be convincing her that she is much happier on the floor on her blanket or in her bed. She has been sleeping for a little while then wandering around aimlessly talking like she is a bit disoriented. I go talk to her and cuddle her, she'll go back to sleep then start over wandering around. She's also jumpy at every sound. I have the ocean sound machine on and our Music for Cats and Friends CD playing softly. She still thinks she's starving! I gave her a little more food, but I really don't want to give her too much. She cleaned the plate and wanted more! She is sleeping quietly in her bed now!
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Wonderful news Stephanie! Sierra was quite the chow-hound, er cat. At least when she fell you didn't have to write up an incident saw nuthin'.
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Originally Posted by Mom of Franz
At least when she fell you didn't have to write up an incident saw nuthin'.
Only from a fellow nurse!
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Stephanie, how is Sierra today?
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Aaaaaargh this is what happens with no computer at home, i have to wait until the next day for the update!.

Stephanie i'm so pleased it went well, and to have her teeth done as well is as you say something less to worry about.

I can't wait to hear how she is now she's had a good nights sleep
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Sierra's vet just called! Her lab results were excellent except her glucose was slightly elevated which she said could be due to the fact she was upset and her cholesterol was also slightly above normal. She said neither are items of concern. Wonder how you would treat a kitty with high cholesterol. Wonder if they can take statins or if you would treat with diet. I should have asked when we should recheck and will in our next conversation. The great news is the labs show great kidney function as well as everything else and her thyroxin level which had been somewhat elevated last time is now within normal limits. She is putting my copy in the mail this AM.
Sierra is still not herself this morning. She came slowly in here and asked for her breakfast then barely touched it and went back to sleep. She is now here beside me. Guess she is still trying to sleep it off. She is not so disoriented or uncoordinated like she was last night. Her Dr. said it takes a full 24 hrs. for kitties to fully metabolize this drug. I'm sure she be feeling much better soon! Thanks again to all of you guys for your care and concern . This may have been a routine visit for some people, but for me it engulfed my world. Thank you guys for understanding that and experiencing it with me. Much thanks especially to my two friends (members) who sent your special encouraging, comforting, reassuring letters last night! I'm so happy my sweet girl is here with me and we've confirmed she is so very healthy!
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I am having the worst day today, and that just turned it around Stephanie, I am so glad that everything came out good Not just good but purrrfect. Our little star is healthy and happy. Dori was a little out of it until the next afternoon when she got spayed. She slept alot The vet got back to you very quickly. I was suprised to see that you had the results, sounds like you have yourself a good vet
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She really is! She is a wonderful holistic vet who specializes in felines! We're very fortunate to have her in our area. I try not to drive her too crazy. She probably just called early so I wouldn't start calling every few minutes to see if the results were in yet!
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Sierras got a clean bill of health!

Awww Stephanie no matter how small the situation is, when theres a vets visit involved it's always a worry.

Even when i took Rosie for her yearly check up and booster i found myself holding my breath while the vet checked her heart until she said it was fine.

My vet gets me to realise that our cats are just like humans when it comes to recovering after anaesthetic, and when they feel a bit off colour after having shots etc.., but thats all we need, to be reassured.

You sound like you have a good vet like mine . I had quite a few questions i wanted answered about Sophie when i took her for her shots, and she answered everyone and never clock watched as if to say "hurry up your times up!".

You can sleep tonight
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