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Underweight Cat

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I have a cat named Mike. He is 16 years old as of April. At his peak he got up to 15+ lbs. But as his metabolism gets higher, he is just fur, skin and bones.
Picture #1
Picture #2
As you can see he is naturally a very large cat, but old. Is there anyway to "fatten" him up and give him more nutritional diet? He also has had problems lately with throwing up after he eats. Any ideas?
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At his age and the symptoms he presents you should take him to the vet for a full work-up including a blood test. So many things can go wrong now to cause him to drop weight, though the pictures aren't as bad as you made them appear to be. But still a vet visit would be a good idea, especially because he is vomiting.
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Hissy has given the advice I would give...many vets now have what they call a senior panel or a geriatric panel...it will check your cats kidney values, see if the thyroid has become hyperactive, check liver values.

Mike looks like a sweetie....I hope you will post what your vet finds and let us know how he is doing....

One other concern would be how his teeth and gums are doing, which your vet will check as part of his exam.

My oldest sweetie is now 17 and 2 months and we do work to keep his weight on (but that's due to his health issues).
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I agree with the others, take him to the vet. If it turns out that he's fine you should give him fatter food. Low in carbs, high in fat and quite high in protein.
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