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Cat fight!

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Boy did we have a cat fight last night. Two of our girls got into a fight over a sleeping spot. One of them got in a lucky swing and hit the other on the top of the paw. It punctured a vein. My husband saw the girls swinging at each other but did not realize one of them was injured. I walked into the kitchen and found pools of blood on the table, the floor and splattered up on the walls. I followed the trail of blood and found our Ginger sitting with blood on the top of her foot.

I checked her foot and found a soft fluid feeling swollen spot that was a little larger than a pea. It looked like a big blood blister. I locked her in the bathroom and rushed to get some cat medical supplies and cloths to clean her foot. I called a close friend that works at a vet’s office and asked her what to do. She told me to wash the foot and clean it with peroxide. She said to gently feel around on the spot and see if she reacted like it hurt. I rushed back to the bathroom and while I was on the phone Ginger had licked on the foot and lanced the lump and there was blood everywhere. I cleaned the foot and washed it with peroxide. The puncture was so small I could just barely see it. I clipped the fur off of the spot and applied pressure until the bleeding stopped. I put an antibiotic cream on it and gave her a dose of pill form antibiotics. Also had something for pain that was left over from one of the others cats that had surgery a short time ago.

I stayed up with her until 4a.m. to make sure that there wasn’t any more swelling developing. This morning she was fine. It looks like she has a lot of blood under the skin, but that is the only sign that she was injured. She does not act like it even bothers her. She is back in fighting form today. It was such a silly fight, they share food bowls, but won't share a sleeping spot.

I am so glad that I have a friend that works for a vet. It sure does save me on emergency office visits. We got lucky it was not worse.
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I'm glad it wasn't serious- my kitties get in dumb fights too . Purple just got scratched on her ear- But I think it kinda served her right the way she's been treating Nilla lately, LOL. *it was just a surface scratch- I cleaned it up and couldn't tell it had ever been there a couple of days later*
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Wow, you handled that like a pro - I'd have absolutely flipped out! Ginger's so lucky to have you looking out for her!

sounds like it's time for a little kitty pedicure party!! Trim those talons!
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