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Did you see this Image?

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My husband visits a site frequently on Lexus cars & someone posted this that was printed in 'The Daily News' from Philadelphia, straight from the Associated Press: What do you think of this? At first, I thought it was digitally fixed up, but AP is saying it is not. It sure is an eerie image.
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I think the picture was amusing actually I mean, it's funny to think that the satan/devil has the facial features of a human.

That's what I think
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I just wanted to add this 'cause I don't want to be misunderstood since there are lots of misunderstandings nowadays.

I don't mean that the picture of one of the towers with flames all around is funny ! The funny thing to me is to imagine the satan with human facial features. Please don't get me wrong !
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Dodo, I knew what you were talking about! From what I have heard (I am not religous.. don't go to church, but do believe in God) is that Satan can take the face of anything... human, etc. It is a very creepy image, if you ask me!
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Tigger, I am not a religious person either...

In Islam you can't make pictures of angels, prophets, satan etc. So there are no visual, drawn symbols for them. I also didn't know that in Christianity satan could take face of anything ??

But someone can say that, that human face looks exactly like his mean uncle or something, too
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Tigger and DoDo

That image is creepy and eerie . The image may not be real, but I feel that Satan is very involved in the horrible tragedy that has cost so many people their lives.
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I think maybe Photoshop had a little to do with this...if not BOY is that creepy:paranoid3 :paranoid3
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Hey Anne, they stole your little smilie!!!! What a very strange photo...creeeeeeeeeeepy.....

B-0-0!!! :

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I remember seeing a photo such as this on the cover of one of the tabloids when that thing at Waco, Texas happened.

I can't help thinking that this photo has been doctored.
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I think it's a fake. Millions of people watched these buildings in the smoke the whole time and I think that if Satan would have made an appearance we would have noticed it then... I'm afraid terror is a very human thing - no need to get Satan involved
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One image I saw on tv this morning was an aerial view of the crash site in Pennsylvania. The crater, or at least the portion of it that I saw, looks like a giant hole shaped like a plane, only there's no plane. It's as if it was simply vaporized. Very disturbing.
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I saw this yesterday on I think its just well, coincidence, I mean with the rate that smoke was pouring from the building it would have only been there for a split second and someone got lucky... its also a perception issue, which can be easily influenced in most people..

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I suppose Satan would actually have been very beautiful when he was an angel, since he was Lucifer, the Bringer of Light. As far as the way we usually draw him, it's part of the long debate between Christianity and paganism. He greatly resembles the ancient god Pan, who was a goat from the waist down and a man with horns from the waist up. He is associated with nature, sexuality, and partying, sort of a less powerful version of Bacchus. You can draw your own conclusions about what this says about the philosophies of the two religions.

Yeah, okay, I know too much about this stuff . . .

I agreee with Ken. Babies are hard-wired to recognize faces, it's part of their survival instinct and all. So even as adults we tend to see faces all around us, like in the arrangement of slots in an electrical outlet or the pattern of the wallpaper. I saw the distant picture before I saw the close up, and I couldn't see what hubby thought he was showing me - thought of course now I can't NOT see it!
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Tigger, they showed the same picture in a british newpaper,its so wierd,I don,t think they mentioned the devil,if I remember rightly they thought it the was the terror leader bin Laden,oh thats so creepy
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Looks a little like W.C. Fields to me...ok, I need coffee.
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This is the first time I have seen this. It is very creepy.
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Cleo, you're killing me, cause I showed it to Philip and he said it looked like Art Linkletter! LOL...I don't know if you know who that is, I'm showing my age here, but he was a true humanitarian!


Oh, and Jackie! That is a really creepy thing that the British Papers brought up! I'd venture to say they had a more accurate answer to this freaky face may belong to.


His nose is almost perfect...he must've left his turban off for the photo.
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I agree with sunlion. Lucifer was the most beautiful angel ever created. I don't think that just because he was cast out of heaven
it changed his looks. I agree that we also tend to see faces where
ever we look. I see faces when I look at clouds and sometimes flowers.

Of course this just my opinion. And I'm no expert.

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Catarina I know who Art Linkletter is. Do you know who Fibber McGee and Molly are?
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EEK! That looks like something off the cover of the Weekly World News! I hope it is fake, it is just too creepy to think it may actually have appeared!
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Fbber and molly...unfortunately I know who they are!
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Hi LilyRose :angel2::daisy:

It's so nice to hear from you

No, I don't remember those people, but I do remember Art Linkletter, I was a very little girl at the time and I just loved his show. I remember watching everday, because I loved when he interviewd the children on House Party.. "Kids say the Darndest Things!" : What a great person!
Here's a couple of pics one of Art: Of course and one of a few of the children that had their fifteen minutes of cute they are! :lvoegrin:

Who were these other people that you're speaking of?

Love & Peace
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I'm a little too young for Fibber & Molly (and these days I feel really old, so that's nice to say!) but I remember my mom saying we had a "McGee's Closet" when I was little. It was called our linen closet, but basically it held all the stuff we weren't currently using but that we used to often to store in the basement - which was a lot of stuff! She said they were a radio program, and one of the recurring gags was that every time Fibber opened the closet, tons of stuff would fall on him. So every time you see a gag where someone opens a closet and all the contents fall out, that is the legacy of Fibber McGee and Molly!
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In it I saw the face of terror.
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