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Will my cat need another cat right away?

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Hi Guys.. I am new to the site and have a question. I have had the pleasure of being a dad to 2 cats which now live full time with my mom.

My Fiance and myself really want to get a cat for our house but I am wondering if my new cat will need a companion cat right away. We work during the day but are home by around 3 pm every day. Is it a negative experience for a cat to hang out at home alone without another cat around?

I just want to see if it is a negative expereience for a cat to be the only cat in the household? If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated!

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My Purple was home alone for a year before we got Nilla- All I have to say is if you might want another cat in the future, you should probably introduce them before they get used to being the only kitties in the house, or you may be in for it when you get another kitty. It's took Purple a month before she got a little used to Nilla. Even now she gets territorial sometimes about the litter boxes and food bowls. Besides, kittens are so cute two by two...
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I agree that the sooner, the better. But a cat can be quite happy alone, so long as they have plenty of toys for solo play, nice places to nap during the daytime, and as much interactive play as they want when the humans are home. It's just that with a pair, it's a lot of fun for two kitties rather than one, and it's less work for you Also, there aren't any toys (or humans) that can quite simulate another cat--down to feline body language and vocal communication, so having another cat to hang out with can be a unique plus.
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Not every cat is happy with another in the house. There is a pretty good checklist to look at in a book called Twisted Whiskers. Pam Johnson says to make a list of what your cat is like and then find a cat that has a complementary personality that won't clash. For example, if your cat is a lap cat, and you adopt another lap cat, you have created a competition between the two right away. If you have an obese cat and you adopt a kitten, you will perhaps stimulate your obese cat to play more and lose weight.

She suggests that if you do adopt a second cat, it is crucial that you do not bring the kitten/cat into your home, but have a friend do it. This can make a world of difference.
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thanks for your replies and suggestions.. they are awesome and will totally help me in my new fatherhood role =) .. thanks again!
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