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My cat is going to bankrupt me

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What am I doing wrong? Why is my cat still peeing on the floor even after I've tried:

--bottles of enzyme cleaners
--steam cleaning
--vet visits
--spiky carpet runner and plastic
--anti-anxiety drugs for cats
--special "litterbox problem" litter
--moving the litterboxes
--removing the hoods of the litterboxes
--cutting down the entrance of the litterbox so she can get in easier
--blocking off the entrance to her favorite peeing spot (no dice, she just found a different place to use)

SHE STILL PEES ON THE FLOOR, even though I see her use her litterbox, too, so I know it isn't something wrong with her box. To make matters worse, I shampooed the carpet with an enzyme cleaner, a regular cleaner, and even vinegar but the carpet smells even WORSE. Instead of one little area where you can smell cat urine, the entire dining area smells like wet dog (and we don't have a dog). It's not a urine smell, but it smells like animal musk and it's strong.

I've got to do something about the carpet smell or I'm going to go insane. It's not urine, but it's still obnoxious. The only thing I can think of is to keep spraying it down with enzyme cleaner and maybe sheer repetition will remove the odor. I bought some Feliway and maybe that will prevent her from peeing, but what can I do about the carpet smell? Why would cleaning it make it smell different but worse? I thought enzyme cleaners were supposed to eliminate the smell, not make spread it around.

(Sorry, but don't bother suggesting that I replace the carpet. I live in a rental. They won't do it, so I'm stuck with what I have.)
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Ummm , did you go with your cat to the vet to see if your cat may has a infection of some kind ? Cats will pee every place they can ,if they have a infection .
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You mentioned vet visits, so I'm assuming she has a clean bill of health.

This might be obvious, but...is she spayed?

How old is she? How long have you had her? When did this start?

The enzyme cleaner I use says to completely saturate the carpet, then let it soak overnight. I've done that and it works. Not sure why yours isn't helping. What brand do you use?
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When you said you had him checked for his health did the vet do a cystocentesis in that exam? A needle draw of urine is the most accurate way of finding out if the cat does have an infection.

Also, if you haven't seen this thread, please read it, perhaps something there will help you as well.

I have used Nok-Out with great results when I had a male who sprayed our drapes.

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yes, I took her to the vet and she's fine.
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Yes, she's spayed and has a clean bill of health. She is five years old and has been doing this off and on for a year. She's lived with me her whole life.

I use Nature's Miracle. I did just find out that sometimes the smell gets worse after you use it and then disappears as it dries. The smell is getting a little better, so I think it might work out.
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Thank you for the link! If the smell doesn't fade, I'll try the Nok Out.
Yes, I think the vet did do a needle draw.
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It may be time to hire an animal behaviorist. This person will come to your house, examine the setting and the cat, and give you things to try to correct the situation. Animal behaviorists can be real life-savers. If you are interested, we can give you some links to explore or, if you live in a large city, you can find them in the phone book.
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I think I need to find one of these in my area. My cat is driving me crazy.

I have two cats, they are brothers, were raised together... gets along great.

The one Cat, Andy --he is prone to UTI and I have him on a special diet. The Vet says it takes up to 6 months to know if this diet is going to work or not. We are now about 3 months into this. His infections come and go and I have to put him on antibiotics about once a month.

I under stand when they have the infection they will pee everywhere.. and I can understand the pain related to the litter box. But when he has a heavy infection he will go to the litter box about once every 10 minutes and try to pee.

When his infection has subsided he will pee on my freshly folded clothes. This I can handle, just throw them in the wash again. What I can't handle is when I pick up up sometimes he get's all stiff and will pee on me. I don't scold him or stop him. I just let him go and try to make it so he does not get it on the carpets or furnature.

This cat is spoiled so I know he does not feel threatened. They have never been outdoor cats so they don't try to escape. They have only know my husband and I so nothing drastic has changed.

I have started to leave him locked in a unfurnished room at night, but may have to do the same during the day hours. I hate to do this and though I love my cats greatly I do not want them to ruin my furnature.

I will not get rid of him because no one in my eyes will tolerate him... or take as good of care of him or love him like we do.

Any ideas on the peeing on me part? It's like when I pick him up it triggers it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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Mzshadow...Welcome to TheCatSite!

The peeing when picked up worries me a tad. It makes me think that the pressure on his bladder from your hand or arm forces the pee out of him. See what happens when you pick him up with one hand under his back legs and one hand under his arms so that there is absolutely no pressure on his tummy. If he doesn't pee when picked up this way, it suggests that he has weak bladder control which may be due to yet other physical problems. Also, my cat who was in kidney failure would at times pee when picked up. So, it might be wise to have the vet check Andy's BUN levels to be on the safe side.

The peeing when picked up may also be due to fear. Has anything ever happened where he was badly frightened or been hurt by a human?
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No, he has been with me since very young. Nothing traumatic has happened that I am aware of.

I can pick him up under his arms and hold him and he will still do it. Though it is not everytime. I feel so bad for him, he is so sweet and I know he has not been feeling good for a long time with this UTI's he gets.

I will have to tell the vet about this. I am at Wits end and don't know what to do.

Thank you.
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Please do talk to the vet. If your vet thinks it is behavioral let us know so we can put our heads together to come up with a solution for you.
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