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Cat Pillows

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Don'tcha just love it when cats use each other as a pilllow??

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Hi Kim! Your cats look like they are comfy kitty pillows!
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Awww that is so sweet!

Kim!!!!!! I have missed your posts! Are you here to stay this time??
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KIM! I haven't seen you in a dogs year! How are ya? Beautiful pics BTW!
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Gosh, I have missed you guys! As far as me not posting in the past few months .... My design company has been hoppin', it's been very busy… My husband just finished "Tax Season" (he was gone for 3 months) then he started a class at the college recently.....My 13 year old son is out of school for the summer (trying to entertain him - LoL! ) and I have had some health issues to deal with (I'm not dying or anything). No matter how long it takes me to recoup, I'll never leave the board.

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Welcome back!!!
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Kim it's so good to see the little convicts They sure do look like fabo pillows. Welcome back
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It rolled over! LOL!

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Originally Posted by hissy

Welcome back!!!
Ditto! I was wondering where you went!

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It's great to see you and the little convicts!

Great pictures of the pillow-kids!
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OMG, your cat looks HUGE!
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Hey Kim! Nice to see you round. those kitties!
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We miss you and your cats Kim! They look cute enough to call kitties in those photos, but we all know how tough Peanut is and GoGo, well he's as big as a house and can rip any sealed bag of treats open in a single swipe if I remember correctly.
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Adorable kitties! And I love your signature!
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What beautiful pillows!
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Awwwww they are just sooooo sweet
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What a pair of lovely pillows.
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