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Originally Posted by LittleBigCat
Just wanted to address a few things associated w/ Feliway:

4) I'm getting a lot of feedback from my clients that if the Feliway runs out, symptoms return in spades. That makes sense, in many cases. For instance, in a multi-cat household with much territorial stress, Feliway definitely helps ease that. You run out of that positive scent marker, and they very well might feel the need to mark for themselves to make sure stress doesn't return. Point being, make sure you don't run out!
Does this mean I'll have to use the diffuser for the lifetime of my cats if they don't seem to get along with each other without it?

I used it when introducing my cats to my husband's cat 1 & 1/2 years ago & it worked wonderfully, even on 2 of my own cats that never seemed to get along before. I've stopped using it, and though my husband's cat now gets along fine with my cats, the 2 of mine that used to fight have started up again.

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I was wondering whther I would need to keep using the Feliway, even though I am only using it for the socialization of the cat we were having problems with (who seems determined to hang out with us now, as long as we're sitting.)
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