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Would anyone like to "babysit" Sasha for a Month???

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Hi! Would anyone in North Carolina be interested in fostering my Sasha for a month beginning mid July? My mom is currently "babysitting" him and she is going out of town on vacation for a month long camping trip. Sasha is a really sweet kitty and a joy to keep. This would be a great opportunity for someone thinking of adopting a bengal to "try" one out for a month
Please let me know if ya'll or anyone you know can help. Thanks
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Ginger If I knew someone in that area that could help, I would certainly get ahold of them for you. Have you perhaps thought about a certified pet sitter? To see if maybe the person could take Sasha into their home and watch him for you? The fact that he is a Bengal means that you need someone who can deal with the activity level-
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Ahhhh...I wish I lived near you so I could! I am sure you can find a great pet sitter in your area!
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Where in North Carolina is your mother?
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Ginger- I wish I was closer or I would be happy too! Good luck finding someone
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus
Where in North Carolina is your mother?

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I wish I could babysit Sasha, he'd even have another Bengal to play with (my Simba), but I live all the way in Los Angeles.

I hope you find a competant person, and someone you can put your trust in to watch Sasha. He's too precious to end up in the wrong hands.
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Ginger, the reason I ask where in NC your mum is, is because I am in Asheville and if I can help in any way, please do send me a PM. I hope it all works out.
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I am in NC. If your mom is close enough to me I would consider it. I am in Jacksonville, 50 miles north of Wilmington, on the coast.
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Aw ginger, I would, but right now molly is being a hellion and I don't think it'd be good for either cats psyche.. Paige would love a cousin visit though *sigh* Molly.. what will we do with her? Sorry I can't help!
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Not sure how well Sierra would handle a roomy, but where exactly is your Mom, Ginger?
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My mom lives in Burlington, NC about 30 minutes from Greensboro, NC. She would probably be willing to meet someone half way to pick up Sasha or maybe even drive him to someone's house if it is not too far. If anyone is serious about taking Sasha please pm me and I will pm you back with her email address. I will be going back to FL in a day or so and Sasha (and Peaches) are staying with Mom until her trip next month.
Thanks for considering taking him in
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