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look at what I rescured.

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This poor dog was a year old and never been inside or taken off her chain! her food was dumped on the ground and she had to fight with 2 other dogs for it ! The frist time I saw her I was so mad at the way she was being takeing of I said I want her and they said she is yours!She has been here 3 days and had only one accident in the house. The only thing they did right was to get all her shots! And she loves the kids and the cats,cats are not to sure about her though!!( I found out today they took the other 2 to the pound ) She is a lab,boxer mix.
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better shot
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OMG she is beautiful! Once she is with you for a while and starts receiving the love, attention and regular meals like she deserves, she will be so thankful and will blossom right before your eyes! We found a road-side dumpster once that probably had the same background - she became the most spectacular dog over time.

Kudos to you!!
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She is georgous How wonderful of you to have rescued her! I just don't know why people treat their animals this way
post #5 of 21 should tell your story to Dogs Deserve Better:

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what an absolute gorgeous dog! I bet he really really felt bad after that one accident too!

Please keep us updated on his progress and how the whole family adapts.
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Such a cute little puppy! Give it some love from me too!
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[quote=Tamme]what an absolute gorgeous dog! I bet he really really felt bad after that one accident too!

she sure did! I will keep everyone updated. She loves the kids and she is lapping up all the love we are giving her. when she was frist fed, she would eat like she was starving,now in only 3 days eats slower and we can take her dish away and she won't even try to bite us.And she takes treats from the kids hands with out nipping thier fingers.The only problem we are having ,she wants to run when we take her to her out to potty,she will not go on the leash so we tie her out only long enough to go,but we have to use a rope to get her there. She is very happy to be free from the chain,intill we can teach her not to run,she will only be out on a leash.
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Thank you for rescuing her! If dogs could put someone on the Yad Vashem, I guarantee that you'd be there.
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that is all I say to this

What a love she is and soooooo cute . Thank you for her rescue What a poor baby , I know she will thank you for the rest of her life

Maybe if you try every day a little on a leash , after a while she will get used to it .
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Sherral, good for you. Just a note of caution, once she starts getting better and feeling stronger, watch out for food aggression. Keep the kids away from her when you feed her, and don't mess with her bowl of food until after she has walked away from it. Typically these types of dogs, once they are secure after being rescued and being abused and or neglected will start showing food aggression. I would hate for the kids, or yourself to be hurt.
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What a beautiful baby Thank you for saving her from a very horrid life. She will be an excellant dog once she learns the routine of your household and be very loving and protective of you and yours. Kudos to you
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What a gorgeous dog!!! It's so awful some people will do that to their animals!! Grr . . .

Please keep us posted on how she does! You're such an angel for saving her!
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Way to go, Sherral! She's a beautiful dog, and it doesn't surprise me that she's great with kids, having had experience with both Boxers and Labs. They're both great "kid breeds". The cats will probably adjust once they realize she's not "after" them. M.A. is right about food aggression sometimes being a problem, but I've really only seen that three times with all the rescues my family has taken in. Handfeed her as much as possible, and have the kids do it, too. One thing about Boxers - they're not terrific watchdogs (come to think of it, a lot of Labs aren't, either), but they can be very overprotective of "their" kids, so watch her if "strangers" (to the dog) want to hug the kids or what have you.
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I am so glad that this little pup found you, I can't stand when people get pets and then leave them chained up. When you have a pet it is for life and if you can't handle that then you did not need to get it in the first place. Thank you so much for having kind and loving heart and for taking in that precious animal!!!
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Congratulations on the beautiful new dog. She is so striking. I know you'll all love her to pieces.
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She's a cutie patootie girl! You're so wonderful for rescuing her!
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Sherral, she's a cutie pie!

You are a sweetheart for taking her away from that awful situation
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what a great person you are for rescuing that dog. Well, okay....I already thought you were great by being a 'mom' to Siamese.
But I know you're dog will have a great life ahead with you and your kitty babies
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Bless you for saving her.
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Wonderful looking dog. Kudos to you. ...I had such a hard time leaving the Animal Shelter today...leaving behind all the other kitties...
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