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Joshua Dylan (PICS)

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I used my father in laws camera to get a picture of Josh!! It is not very good but it still shows how cute he is!!!

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What a cutie!

How old is he? Seems to me like so many babies are delivered by forceps so they are bruised or a little squashed, but he looks just beautiful and perfect.
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He was born on 9/9. I have another post about his birth. It is under I had my baby!
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Golly, Nicole (Joshua's and Simon's Mom) He is so-o-o-o-o-o-o Handsome! We are so glad to see him! (Has anyone heard anything about Kezzer)
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Hairy little dude but cute as a button. Enjoy him!
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I love the hair! May God bless him and keep him
Deb M.
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Josh is a beautiful little baby! I love his hair too!! (Mine didn't have much hair when they were born.)
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Josh is a real cutie, ain't he?


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Simon's Mommy....... He is so cute!!
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He's darling!
What a great head of hair, and a very strong chin...he's a keeper!

How are YOU feeling? In all the hullaballoo over a new baby, everyone often forgets about Mom...how are you doing?
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Ooooh! I want one too!

He is such a little darling!
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Nicole - That's a beautiful baby you have there; you are truely blessed. How are you feeling?
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Simon's Mommy, Josh is so beautiful,he has a lovely head of hair

Hope you are keeping well and putting your feet up when you can

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Nicole, he's just perfect.
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Simply gorgeous Nicole!!
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Congratulations Simon's Mommy He is really lovely. Give him a big hug from me.
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Josh is a beautifull little guy . Treasure every moment. My little guy Mathew is now 15. Where did the time go.
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Josh is a beautiful baby!!! I don't know about any of you, but I am glad to be on birth control because now I am baby-hungry.
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I can't believe I almost missed this thread!!!
He's such a little darling
A cute little guy God bless him
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