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I Am So Mad and Tired Tonight!

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I have a new kitten, I got him three weeks ago. He pee on my bed four times for the past three weeks. When I got him, I trained him to use the litter box, I thought I was succesful cause he was using his litter box these past few days, I was so happy about that.

The first time he pee on my bed, I shut the door for a few days and he started using the litter box, so I let him in on my bed, after few days, he did it again, always the same spot. He pee on my pillows, I have four pillows, I don't know how to get rid of the smell, so I bought couple more pillows, how can I get rid of the smell???

Tonight, it was 10:30pm here, I went to my bed room, my bed, pillows, bed sheets and blanket are wet on the same spot!!!! I was so pissed, I did not see him doing that cause I was busy here on the computer, I yelled at him and shut the door! I did not do the laundry for couple weeks cause I always do my laundry every two weeks, so I don't have extra beddings!! Right now, I am waiting for my laundry to be done and wait to get dry. The blanket will take a long time cause it's so thick.

I forgive Chum for peeing on my bed, so I told him sorry cause I yelled at him so, I decided to eat my dinner, I was so hungry and tired. I had spaghetti, while I was eating he tried to jump on the dining table,(everytime I am doing something on the dining table he is always beside me, sitting on the chair) I yelled at him again, after few minutes, I was still eating, he jumped on my plate with my food on it!!! I yelled at him again and again and again! While I am typing this thread, he jumped on the table again, and I decided to use the spray bottle with water. I bought this spray bottle a week ago, since he have been good for a week, I wasn't using it, tonight was the first time.

Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wanted to go to sleep, it's already 11:30 and my bedding are still wet!!

Why Chum is doing this? I don't think he has a health problems, cause we went to the vet and the vet gave him some shots. He can't get neutered yet cause he is not old enough, he is only three months old. I always see him drinking his water like 4 times a day. And he have been using his litter box for a week, just tonight. I just don't understand why is he doing that and he always pee on my bed. I know his favorite part of this house is my bed. My house has two beds, I am the only one who live here, the other room is my kitty's bed, it's soft, the bed is same big as mine, it's warm there, there's a glass windows so he can see outside, there's a blanket and pillows, and all his stuff is in his room. To make the story short, his bed is nicer than mine, honestly.

Sorry for my long essay, and if you can't understand what I am trying to say I am sorry as well, cause I am so tired right now and it's already 11:40pm and I just put the bed sheets in the dryer, I have to wait for couple more hours for the blanket to get dry.
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Please get this kitty to the vet and have him checked out for a urinary tract infection. Also please do not scold him or yell at him or punish him for what he is doing. He has a reason he is doing this, and it is not to make you mad. He either is sick, or he is trying to tell you something. Also do not use the spray bottle on him either, or he will grow up a neurotic cat. How old is he?

How clean is his litter pan? Does he have two litter pans? he needs two. Where are they at? In a private, but secure area? Are the pans covered? uncover them- using scented litter? try unscented. He may be to young to be away from momcat and his littermates and could just be stressed out. If you don't get the pee smell off your bedcovers, he will go back to the same spot about every three days and pee on it as well. Look for Nok-Out or Nature's Miracle to break down the enzymes and get the pee out of the bedding. The wash your bedding and add some lemon juice to the rinse cyle.

But PLEASE don't get mad at him, and please get him to the Vet on Monday.
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I can hear in your post how frustrated you are. First, once your sheets and blankets are dry, keep the door to that room shut. Try and get some sleep as it's no good trying to help your kitten when you are frustrated and very tired.

You have recieved some great advice from hissy. Good luck with the kitten. Remember, he is not doing it to make you angry and he doesn't know why you are shouting at him. Please don't shout at him as he will become frightened of you and it may make the peeing problem worse.
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After you take him to the vet you might think about getting him a buddy, too. He may be missing his littermates and just needs a companion. Kitties are always better in pairs.
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