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My cat is dying

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My other thread, FIP, when should I put my kitty down, has been on this site now for over 1 week. My adopted persian Kitty, Kegan, has been sick for the last 5 weeks, and I think it's FIP. So, that thread was all about him.

Today, at 7:00 a.m. my vet called to inform me that Taffy, the persian who was found hiding under a car at a gas station in San Antonio, and who I found on the internet, drove from Houston to S.A. on New years eve to pick her up, is now dying.

From the first time i got her, her eating was strange, couldn't eat enough, then I got her teeth cleaned, I don't know, after that, not that i think it's at all related, would stop eating her food, through up, and i would rush out to try her on another food, she'd like it for another 3 weeks, stop eating, throw up, etc. etc.

Such a sweet little persian girl, the vet says she's about 9 or 10. Brought the new kitty home in March, guess it was the stress, she never liked him, sickly little kitty, liked she sensed it, and stopped eating herself a week ago. I noticed, but so involved with taking the kitty to the vet, fever for 5 weeks, and for the last 1 week a bloated stomach. As i mentioned in my last thread, I'm not dealing with this well, I can't eat and crying all the time over the kitty.

The kitty is still here, eating, probably FIP, but hoping and wishing that it's not. Who could be so cruel as to inflict 2 dying cats on 1 person in 5 months.

WEll, the vet called today, diagnosed Taffy with Fatty Liver, BUT, an e-ray on Friday showed a tumor? or something in her bowel, and on her beautiful little furry leg is an awful tumor sticking out.

So, the vet says, get her in, we'll start force feeding her, do surgery on Monday, and then she'll be on a flipping feeding tube. God, could i do that to her? Make her suffer like that? The vet says she's 9 or 10, maybe she's older, but I CAN"T put her through that, as much as I love her, and god, in 5 months how I love her, she's the sweetestl little girl, licking my fingers, loved to jump in bed at night. She's not eating, and I WILL NOT let her suffer, so most likely this coming week, which I though would be the week to put my, MAYBE FIP kitty down, it's going to be her. SO UNFAIR, I was hoping to have 5 years with my little girl.

In closing, I always felt, even though she got lots of love from my husband and I, that she was always homesick. So sad, but she always gazed out the window, and I always thought she was thinking of her family. WE always believed that she was owned by an older couple, perhaps they moved to a new home in San Antonio, she some how got out, tried to find her way home, and couldn't, so sad, but she is so sweet natured that it was hard to believe that she didn't come from a very loving home. Maybe she just wants to go home, as much as we love her, she finally adapted to the name we gave her, Taffy, and I would loving call her Taffy Apple. I AM SO SAD..........
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Originally Posted by CS_Hopper
...In closing, I always felt, even though she got lots of love from my husband and I, that she was always homesick. So sad, but she always gazed out the window, and I always thought she was thinking of her family. WE always believed that she was owned by an older couple, perhaps they moved to a new home in San Antonio, she some how got out, tried to find her way home, and couldn't, so sad, but she is so sweet natured that it was hard to believe that she didn't come from a very loving home. Maybe she just wants to go home, as much as we love her, she finally adapted to the name we gave her, Taffy, and I would loving call her Taffy Apple. I AM SO SAD..........

I'm soooo Sorry for you, nobody deserves this fate. I wish I knew some way to make this easier, something to say that would ease your pain.

From what you've said, you really do care, and Taffy couldn't have found a more loving person to live with.

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I am sorry. No way I can make your time easier - but just to let you know that we are here for you, and many of us have been through similar situations and you can and will get through this.

You've given Taffy a wonderful 5 months, she is very lucky to have you.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your kindness.
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I will take a quote from Amy Shojai's book Your Aging Cat:

"We know that our cats don't live forever. But we can take comfort in that our cats do not fear death, and don't worry about tomorrow.Cat's live in the now, and that frees them to greet you each day with purrful abandon."

Enjoy Taffy while she is here, cherish her while you can. There is an article on site that might help you get through this time:
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I'm so sorry, how awful that you're faced with 2 sick kitties. Take comfort in knowing that you've given Taffy 5 wonderful months and that she was loved.
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I'm so very sorry you are having to deal with this. You're right, it does seem so cruel for one person to have to bare so much pain. God never gives us a heavier burden than we are able to carry with His help. You are in my prayers, and we are here for you.
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The only thing I wanted to share other than love and hugs is that it's very clear you love your kitties very, very much. We tend to transfer our emotions onto our cats. While Taffy could miss her former owners, she's in such a loving home, I very much doubt it. Our kitties love sitting and staring out the window, but they've never lived in another home. For them, it's entertainment, kind of like when we watch TV. Please don't burden yourself with "unnecessary" guilt, especially at this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm so sorry to read this. Yes, it is unfair, but I hope it's some consolation to know that you've given her love and a good home, so she's not dying unwanted and unmourned.
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I am so sorry both of your cats are sick and you are going through this difficult time. You have given your cats a good home and they know how much you love them. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I did a search and found some information on Feline Hepatic Lipidosis for you. Please read it.

Here is a quote from that webpage:

"although the disease is presently considered idiopathic, which indicates no known cause is present. The disease progresses this way:
A previously overweight cat stops eating for whatever reason
Lacking food, the body starts sending fat cells to the liver to process into lipoproteins for fuel.
Cats' livers are not terribly efficient at processing fat, and much of the fat is stored in the liver cells.
Left untreated, eventually the liver fails and the cat dies

Whatever the cause, the symptoms are common: A previously overweight older cat suddenly becomes anorexic (quits eating), loses weight, and may salivate excessively or vomit. The cat may become very lethargic and may show jaundice (yellowing of eyes and skin). However, anorexia and weight loss can also be symptoms of other diseases, such as liver cancer or pancreatic disease, and FLS (Fatty Liver Syndrome) can only be accurately diagnosed conclusively through tests. A complete blood profile may indicate increased liver enzymes, and the diagnosis can be confirmed with a liver biopsy done under light anesthesia, with a large needle through the skin."

This is only my opinion, but I don't think Kegan is the cause of Taffy's illness.
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Thank you for the info. and thanks too for saying you don't think Kegan was the cause for Taffy's illness. I think about that alot.

Taffy now hasn't eaten or had water in 5 days. She slept with us last night, I know i should take her in now, before she gets uncomfortable. There's no hope . . . I'm just sick with indecision.
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I am SO sorry to hear about your two babies. These are just horrible things that you and the kitties are facing.

I agree that Kegan's and Taffy's illnesses were most likely not caused by each other. But it really is horriblyrotten luck to say the very least. again, I am so sorry.

Facing this decision is probably the hardest decision a pet owner will ever have to face. Just stay strong, and love them with all of your heart while you have them. They are both lucky to have someone who loves them so much.
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Yesterday morning i woke up and knew I had to do the best thing for Taffy. Her little chubby legs and body weren't that way anymore. Although she slept next to me all night, giving me her "kitty kisses", i knew is was never going to get better for her. I wish everyone would do the right thing before their baby starts to suffer. I knew everyday she would start feeling worse and worse, imagine not drinking water and eating for 5 days, so, my girlfriend took her in yesterday at 3:30. I just couldn't bring myself to do it,

The vet assured me there was no hope, short of surgery to remove the growth in the intestines, and then a feeding tube for 6 weeks for the Liver. Would I want someone to do that to me? Did i want to put her through that, my sweet sweet girl, to inflict that kind of suffering, and the putting her through all that perhaps to face death anyway?

So, yesterday is over, and I have the memories of the last 5 months for no doubt the sweetest cat I've ever met (so much sweeter than my boy Persian who we have for 18 1/2 years), who I thought I could never love another cat as much, and was proven wrong, because in those 5 months i loved Taffy JUST as much as I loved KeKe.

So now Kegan is here, he was supposed to the the "back-up". Although one week ago I had NO idea that Taffy would no longer be here, I was so focused on Kegan. He's still eating, stomach still filled with fluid, and I believe he DOES have FIP, and that it's only a matter of time.

Now I'm thinking back to when I took Taffy to my original vet almost 2 months ago because of her finicky eating. She thought she may have Fatty Liver, but when i brought her it she opened up can of food, Taffy ate it, so she said everything was fine.

Now that I'm thinking about it, she NEVER examined her i.e. felt her body, for any tumors, etc. What if she had taken me more seriously that something wasn't right with Taffy. My new vet yesterday said that the Fatty Liver isn't what killed her. It was the "mass" in her abdomen that caused her to stop eating and then she developed Fatty Liver. So now i'm getting really angry, and sad, that she possibly could have been saved.

I thought of writing her a letter, maybe it's best to "let it go". I guess if Taffy had cancer it wouldn't have mattered one way or the other, I sure would have liked to know if it had been cancer, i'm sure an autopsy is expensive. I guess i need to try and let it go. But know i'm dealing with trying to deal that she might have been saved had this been caught by the first vet, before the fatty liver disease set it.
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Hopper, I am sorry for your loss. Don't give into despair and project what might not be wrong with Keagan because of what happened to Taffy. Just keep positive and watch Keagan and if the spark in his eyes begins to fade, then sadly you know what to do. But don't give up on him especially since you believe you are dealing with FIP and it is such a perplexing disease to diagnose.

I have moved this to crossing the bridge
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I just wanted to write you to let you know how sorry I am about Taffy.
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I have no words to express when it comes to this much sadness in one house... I can only send apologies and say that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel... some are just more windy than others, so you can't see it until you're almost there.
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I'm so sorry about the pain and loss you are having t endure. May God give you peace in your heart during this time of grief.
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Hopper, I am so very sorry for your loss. Always remember the 5 months together that you had and the joy that Taffy brought to you during that time. You did the right thing for your dear friend. Taffy is now free of pain in Gods loving arms. RIP dear Taffy.
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When you realized Taffy was beyond all possible help, the decision you made to spare her from further suffering was the greatest act of kindness that can ever be given to an animal. We know how much you loved her and will miss her, and we are here for you.
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I am so sorry for your heartbreak and loss. You gave everything you had and you are still giving now to Keagan. Taffy will be looking over you and thanking you for all the love you have shown.
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I don't really have the words to make you hurt any less. Loving a cat is such a personal, yet totally understandable by many, thing that although all of us can totally feel your hurt, we cannot feel EXACTLY what you feel. All we can do is let you know that we hurt that you are hurting and I know that each and every one of us can put ourselves in your shoes. I had a adult cat that got sick and within 48 hours, she was gone and I have never cried nor felt so much pain (both of my parents are dead and I don't want to slight them as I loved them VERY VERY much) as with my Krissi dieing. I was so upset, had to even take couple days off work to mourn. But all that said, please let us all be there for you as I know you will do what the loving mom would do for an adored animal that is terminal and hurting...and although it won't make the pain any less for you, in time you will know you did the loving and unselfish thing for Taffy. God Bless and let us be there for you when and if you ever need.
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They say you never truly can love someone until you can let them go. If you can put their comfort above your own, THEN do you really love them. You've obviously done exactly that, and the important thing is that Taffy knows she was loved. I don't know or understand anything of FIP or any of these illnesses... I've never had to face them, but you've been incredibly strong and unselfish in your decision - that's a really admirable thing. You've just got to be strong for Kegan now, and I sincerely hope that things get better for him. God bless.
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iam so sorry for your loss!!! I have been checking in each day to see how taffy and kegan are doing... you did the right thing for taffy- please dont question yourself on that. now, do your very best for kegan- as you have been doing along for both he and taffy. my thoughts are with you.

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I wish there were some way we could ease your pain.
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I have been thinking of you and your situation for days now and I am just curious how you are. I pray for you daily, I know you are in a painful situation and sure do hope things are brighter (even a bit?) than before.

Just wanted you to know you aren't alone. You have prayers of me, and I am SURE many, many more on here that understand loving a kitty.
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I am so very sorry for what you and your baby are going through. Your poor little furbaby. We as humans are so helpless when our babies are sick. I know, I just lost my 20 year old siamese seal point, Ming, 11 weeks ago. She was very sick also. Meds, force feeding, fluids, the list goes on. She started having seizures in the end and I begged the vet to please help her. He said all he could do was tests to see what could be done. I couldn't poke and prod her anymore. My poor Ming. As your poor baby. Love your little one and hug her. She know how much you care. She always will. No matter what, she will always be with you. One day, you'll see her again as I will my Chan and Ming. I will keep your baby in my prayers.
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that is so sad .I hope your cats get well soon.
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