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Cleo is in the process of moving her babies out into the living room, behind the end table by the couch. She tried bringing one out earlier, and I put the baby back into the bed in my room where they've been living. She then went into my room, and it looked like she tried to kill the baby that I brought back into my room. She had ahold of it's head and the baby was crying really loud. So, rather than have her kill the kittens, I just let her bring them out. She's got all but one out here now. Thge thing I'm concerned about with her bringing them out here is Charlie. He doesn't seem to be aggressive at all with them, he doesn't go near them. He will sniff at them from afar, but won't go too close. DO you guys think he might be ok? Or should I be very concerned about him killing the litter? Should I maybe send him to a friend's house for a couple weeks, until the kittens are big enough? My stomach jumped into my throat when I saw Cleo with that kittens head in her mouth. It looked and sounded like she was biting down pretty hard. I really don't want to wake up to 4 dead kittens tomorrow.
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She was not killing her kittens. You stressed her out by moving her kittens, and she got aggressive with her baby in her angst to get them moved. Is it possible to put Charlie into another room temporarily until the kittens get big enough that you can move the whole family into another area?
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There isn't really another room to put him in.. I am trying to get ahold of my friend in town, she might be willing to take Charlie for a couple weeks. I'm also concerned with them being out here in the living room because I have a 3 year old boy. I've told him he can't touch the babies, but he's 3 and I can't be out ehre watching him every second. I just made Cleo a new den beside my bed, between the bed and the wall...I tacked a blanket on the wall to creat a tent over it, so it's well covered. She's been going in and out of it, so hopefully she'll move them back into my room. Thats the safest place for all of them. I don't have a basement, and my house is very small..there aren't too many hiding places.

About her "trying to kill the kitten", I really think she was. She took ahold of his head and laid down, and bit down. So, she can do whatever she pleases in regards to moving them...I just really hope that this will be the one time my son actually listens to me...sigh. And I thought I was stressed when I was waiting for her to have them! lol
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Well not having been there, I can't say if she was trying to kill them or not. It is highly likely she was stressed, and sensed your stress and simply reacted-
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Megan, I have to agree with hissy. Cloe wasn't trying to kill the kitten but just became stressed when you put the kitten back in a place she didn't want it. She was probably a bit crosswith you for moving the kitten back and instead of hissing at you or biting you, she misdirected her anger towards one of the kittens.

It is very normal for a cat to want to move her kittens. It's an innate thing from the days when wild cats would move the litter so that predators wouldn't find them. You need to find a large box. Cut a hole in the box about half-way up, just big enough for Cloe to get through. Cut about 10 more holes in the sides, about the size of an egg so that light and air can get into the box. Put this box, upside-down over the place where she has the kittens now. Show her the box and how to get in and out of the hole. This will ensure that your son and dog won't be able to touch them.
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Thanks Hissy and Tania I have calmed down a tad...lol. She is back to being a good mom again, so I'm not worried about her hurting them anymore. She has been scouting out the new spot I set up for her in my room. Hopefully she's just waiting for me to go to bed to move them again. I knew she'd want to move them eventually, but I was hoping it wouldn't be so soon. lol. This worried grandma stuff is hard!
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I forgot to ask, should I still be handling the kittens? I have been picking them up and holding them a few times a day, and Cleo never seemed to mind me doing so. She'd even leave the room while I was holding one. I'm just wondering if maybe she moved them out of my room to get them away from me? I want these kittens to be very well socialized, sothat's why I've been handling them as much as I have. The don't even cry anymore when I pick them up. But I haven't touched them since Cleo moved them today...I'm even somewhat afraid to look in the nest. I'm all paranoid now though..lol. Every time I hear them cry while Cleo's in there I keep thinking she's hurting them..eventhough I know she's probably not..
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Megan, it's natural to be worried. If Cloe isn't stressing out when you touch the kittens, it's good to handle them a little each day. I forgot to say earlier, it would be a good idea to give the kitten that she handled roughly a good looking over to make sure it wasn't injured.
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Thanks. I did check the kitten over, and he seems to be fine. I'll try handling the kittens a bit today and see how Cleo reacts. She had never been worried or stressed about me handling them, so hopefully she'll be ok with it. Can you believe they're already a week old today?! Time goes by way too fast!
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LOL, I bet they're just gorgeous.
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They are! They're starting to look like kittens and not rats..lol. A couple of them look like their eyes are starting to open. There's little slits in the eyelids now. I can't wait! My son is going to be leaving for church in about 1/2 an hour, so I am going to try to pick them up while he's gone.
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