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plastic bag chewer

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My kitten approx 16 weeks old has a really bad habit of chewing plastic bags, last night she vomited up a piece that we didnt know she chewed off of one of the grocery bags!! She chews anything plastic, like tags on toys, clothing, blankets, pillows, cords, just the tags, nothing else. Leave a plastic bag around and she will chew and chew it. She totally tore up a target bag that i had in my wardrobe, I make a loud sound when I catch her doing it now, but its not kicking in yet. Its like a drug for her or something. She cant help herself!!!

any ideas? she has tons of toys and gets lots of attention, and always has dry food in her bowl during the day, canned food at night.
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PLEASE keep these bags away from your cat. You could be cruising into a massive vet bill because of obstructions that could occur as a result of her obsession.

In some plastic bags manufacturers they use fish oil and animal renderings to process these bags, making them very attractive to cats and thus being a danger as well
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Hey Gail...my cat is the same way....and I have to keep ALL plastic bags out of his reach...but believe me...better to store them then have my cat require major surgery.

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All my plastic bags are kept out of her reach and in a cupboard, but as soon as we get home from grocery shopping she's into them before we even have time to get the food out!!!!
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