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I like both--nothing but Pros for both of them!
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Just bring them all on!!!!
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Originally Posted by jcat
I couldn't have a Persian around because of my cat-hair allergy, but I love their personalities. I've never encountered an unfriendly Persian, or one that wasn't a "lap cat". I prefer the ones that have noses, though - the "Pekinese" faces are too extreme, and can't be healthy for the cats. I think Robert simply finds them too "tame" in comparison to Siamese, which are the only purebreds we've ever had.
Yes you are talking about the doll face persian . Mine are all doll face persian . Persian are all very calm cats and I think that is what I love about them , they are so quiet all the time . Well , I do have a talker and his name is Noah . So there are some talker too .
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