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Some kitty needs me feeling ...

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I almost hate to type this, since it looks stranger on the computer screen than it sounds in my head!

For the last week or so I have had this "feeling" that a cat needs me. Strange. First I thought it was my internal "mother" clock (I am 36) going off, but no, not that. For some reason I am sure that it is a cat. I already have 3 cats and 11 birds and a husband, so it is not like I am lonley!

I visited the local Petsmart that has adoptable cats from shelters - while they are cute and all made me smile - it doesn't seem to be just any cat.

Since we have recently moved states, bought a new house, etc etc - I am chalking it up to nerves... but I just can't get the thought out of my head.

So I am officialy "asking" any cat in my area that needs me, PLEASE come to the new house - the back door or floor to ceiling windows would be fine.

Ok, crazy ranting over.

Anyone else ever get this feeling?
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You know sometimes its best to follow your gut feelings. Doesn't sound like theres much you can do though, but just wait around and mabye this cat will make its way to you. Mabye like a "be prepared for me" feeling Either way, good luck on finding this cat!

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Yes, I have had that feeling, and within a short time the cat came to me, or I found it. I knew before I had several of my rescues that they were coming. It is not silly at all, it just shows you have great instincts.
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I had the same feeling before I adopted Kahu - I felt that I needed to adopt a deaf cat and so I contacted some shelters, as I know deaf cats are hard to get adopted, and I got lucky with one, the Catman shelter and I am so glad that I found him!
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I don't think that is too strange. Hopefully, the kitty in need will find you soon!
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I think it's strange either.

Perhaps leave some food out and see what happens?
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I am still keeping an eye out! So far the only things I have seen in my backyard are oppossum, racoon, turkey (yep!), chipmunks, grey squirrels, black squirrels, ground hog, frogs, deer, ducks ... and oh yeah, my neigbors cat stops by to annoy my kitties (stares at them through the window/door) and look at the captive birds.

Instead of moving to 1.5 acres in Ohio, I am starting to feel like I've moved to "Wild Kingdom".

Putting food out is an idea, but I'd be afraid of encouraging the other critters which come out all times of the day and night.
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Is there a Humane Society in your area? You mentioned you had gone to Petsmart . . . just an idea.
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Yep there are, but this feeling is of someone coming to me. Plus if I go to the humane society I would come home with one or two cats - couldn't help myself. My one cat came from the humane society - my husband picked her up for our anniversary present.

People who work in the humance societies are saints in my book - I couldn't do it.
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That's odd...I got that very same feeling about a month ago. I also chalked it up to that mother clock (my only child is 10½ and I'm 32). I already have 3 cats and 4 fish and my kitties are VERY affectionate, as is my daughter, so I know I'm not lonely. But I just had this weird feeling that some kitty needed me

So after struggling with this feeling for a couple of weeks, I gave in to it and looked on the petfinder site for an organization near me.


There are many in Ohio, so go check them out.

Anyhoo, I called them up and asked if they needed foster moms and the woman nearly jumped through the phone! They are always in need, she says, for foster moms. I am going camping in a few weeks and when I come back she has a cat who was dumped by her family last week when the discovered that she was preggers. I'll be taking her and when she has her kittens I'll raise them till they're ready to leave mama and then I'll have mama till she's adopted, too.

I just decided that I was needed by more than one cat, you know? If I go rescue a kitty from the pound that's only one life saved. If I become a foster mom I figure that's a lot of lives saves...and a lot of love for me!

You could also go to Petsmart and ask them which organization it is that they sponser and volunteer for them to be a foster mom!
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Sometimes your intuition is your best advisor if you listen to it. If it is that strong, don't jump into anything - it will happen when it is meant to happen and probably when you least expect it.

If you put food out, put it up on a platform or patio table - it will at least keep the skunks and other ground based critters from it!

And btw.....fostering is an absolutely wonderful thing to do! All no-kill shelters depend on fosters - without them they have no cats to adopt and there are more homeless pets in the world. You need the strength to not keep them all, and have to do it with the sense of the bigger picture - adopt them out and you have more room to save the next homeless one that comes around.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany
Sometimes your intuition is your best advisor if you listen to it. If it is that strong, don't jump into anything - it will happen when it is meant to happen and probably when you least expect it.
I do believe that you should always go with your gut feeling. The thing about them though is that you can't force the thing to happen. It will happen when the time is right. I don't think it's weird that you feel this way at all. Just be prepared when the kitty shows up. And hopefully hubby will be ok with it
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Hubby will whine and make a big fuss, I do beleive he considers it his "job". He loves the current cats to peices, his main concern (looking through his fussing) is for diseases that could be given to our current babies.

Still waiting ....
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