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Starlight in so many words.

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He was found in a wheat field
A dainty, dirty, matted little man
By first glance you’d think his fate was sealed
One lady named Sharon stopped and put him in her van

From Washington to Oregon for hours he rode
Once he arrived he was given quite the treat
Warm and cozy in the garage he was stowed
Surviving this long was quite a large feat

Sharon’s sister called her son and his girlfriend
Craig and Cass knew just who to call on
Some one had to take him and help his wounds mend
Mary Anne was called & in to Silverton she was gone

That very night Starlight found an angel to help him recover
In the form of a woman whose heart is so grand
This woman is Mary Anne, a true cat lover
She was amazed at what all this cat had withstand

To her house he went that very night
Since then he’s had a much needed bath and been to the vet
Now wouldn’t you know it, he’s a beautiful sight.
This is definitely an experience none of us would forget

We love you Starlight.
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What a beautiful poem, Cassie! Such a fitting tribute to such a sweet little boy!
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That is so beautiful
Nice tribute to MA, Starlight and your family!!
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That was beautiful!
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Beautiful poem for a beautiful kitty-boy
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That was lovely, you encapsulated his life as you know it to be. Thank you for taking the time to write it and share it with us.
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Wonderful , reading this poem brought tears to my eyes .
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