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Dunkins Story

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This is a very touching story. Please check it out. Scroll down to the bottom & click on 'acts of courage'

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now that was sweet! made me teary eyed! We can all learn from that little cat! No matter how much life s**ts on you, always take it and get right back up again! She should be the symbol for this tragedy!
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Dunkin is my hero, and when things get rough, I look at her and am thankful that she is in our lives. I can't imagine my life without her in it, she has taught me so much. I am so touched that others have recognized her worth and have honored her in this way

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I didn't know she is yours? What an amazing cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dunkin is as beautiful as her Mama!

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What an incredible story!
Its just unfathomable that someone could be so cruel to a helpless little creature!
Dunkin (great name!) was so lucky to have been rescued by that officer, and to have been led into your and Mikes lives..and hearts.

She's a beautiful cat, and looks very happy and content.
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Hissy....I remember reading your story of Dunkin awhile back, and it touched my heart then, and it still does!
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Hissy I've said it a million times and I'll repeat it once again - you're an
God bless dear Dunkin - she must be a treasure
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And oh - Dunkin's a beauty too
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