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Congrats Mrs. Barb Balk!!!

May you have a long and loving life together!!!
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Barb i'm so pleased everything went

I opened a bottle of wine at 9 p.m(4 p.m. your time), and topped my glass up at 10.p.m.

Cant wait to see pics
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I'm so glad it all went okay, especially after all the worry of the last few weeks. CONGRATS from Jeeps and I.
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all of you are so great I'm going to cry!!!! I've only had one friend that is as fantastic as you all are to me and I treasure her as much as I treasure you all!
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Awwww Barb i know what you mean.

It moved me when Tanya(aka Squirtle)posted the thread when i came back after being on holiday for 4 days and others posted as well

Wheres the wedding pics!
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Congrats!! May the rest of your life surpass the happiness you felt on your wedding day!

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I'm happy to see that everything went well!! Ressuring, that is! I can't wait to see pictures so I can ooh and awww!(I'm currently also mid nuptuals, so I'm extra emotional about weddings) And I'm sure the car wasn't that bad, but I'm glad that it was someone understanding.. it would have been a bit of a headache otherwise.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Wheres the wedding pics!
they are coming. I have two of the best people on that right now! right guys?
They are helping this computer illerate person. Poor sick blondecat is offering to post them even though she is in pain and Tamme is also offering to post some. These two are wonderfully sweet people. I can't tell you all how my computer and I are incompatable. it's terrible. we get along juuuuust enough to have a civil relationship, but that's all. LOL!
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Congratulations, I hope you and your hubby will be very happy together for a long, long time.
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Here are some pics from Barb's wedding. She sent me two and I created four I hope you don't mind barb.

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Barb you look so BEAUTIFUL!!!! And you both look SO Happy!
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No I don't mind at all. in fact I'm very happy that you did this for me! Blondecat has a couple also but hopefully she will won't put them up because she feels poopy today. Thank you Tamme for putting those up for me!!! We the computer stupid thank you!!!!

Just a quick question... in that cake pic, what you guys DIDN'T see was the crumbs falling into my top! LMAO! did anyone else have this problem??? I have chocolate crumbs in my top for about ten minutes untilI could escape and get them out of there!
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Congratulations!! You look great in those pics.

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oh Barb, your pics are so lovely; I got teary-eyed! It's so beautiful! It reminded me how happy I was on my wedding day! May your years be merry!
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Oh Barb! I'm so glad everything went PERFECT! You looked stunning and as for Brad..... Thanks so much for posting the pics Tamme, they're awesome!

I'm so happy for you!

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Well I finally got to where I could do these. Barb thank you for trusting me to size them for you. Such a beautiful bride And the groom ain't bad neither

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Barb, you and Brad look soooo good together!!!!
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Congratulations, looks like everything worked out perfectly, you had nothing to worry about. You look great together and so happy.
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Thank you Blondecat and Tamme for posting these for me! they look just fantastic! you ladies are the best! I bow to your computer literacy!
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Awwwww Barb you look gorgeous!.

You make a lovely couple

And i'm pleased you didn't let all the worry you had over your co workers ruin your day!
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Trust me Rosiemac, it was there. I can hide it well. I was already horrified that most of my friends didn't even show up so it turned out to be my family, a couple of my friends and the rest, Brads family and friends. We expected round 90 to 100 people and only around 30 or 40 came. then the day after, a couple of my friends called and one said I"m so sorry I wasn't there, i wasn't sure what day you had said and I stupidly didn't write it down, I thought it was Sunday but when I went there, noone was there. ok fine, he didn't get an invitation and I kind of told him while I was going in to Womens health to get pills, so I gave him that one(and he just got my number that day). But then another one emails me Monday and tells me that he wasn't sure if it was Sat or sun that's why he didn't go. Well you have my phone number, my email, Brads cell number, AND an invitation. so I really wasn't very happy with him at all but just told him, I'm sorry you missed it, we had a great time. He had told me at LJS earlier that week that he didn't think he was coming because his wife didn't want to go so that made the lame excuses all the more infurating.
Oh well, what can you do?? I had fun and I raised my glass to TCS that day,(not that anyone knew why I was toasting the air! LOL!)
To all my friends at TCS, you've been with me thru good and bad times, you've helped me with silly and embarrassing problems, and you've stuck by me when I have monster stress and am whining like a baby needing a nap!
I raised my glass to all of you that day! a toast to the best friends and cat lovers a person could ever want to know!
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Cilla i love what you've done on your post!

Barb, sweetie their not true friends!. If ever there was a feeble excuse to give you it was those ones. I tell more convincing ones to our clients!.

Like you say, telephone, e-mail, it's not that difficult. You would have thought more of them if they had told you the day before the wedding rather than after!.

It was their loss at the end of the day!.
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Just catching up, Barb, you're absolutely beautiful! We sure have been looking forward to these pics! What a wonderful couple! I agree, forget about those people, your true friend were with you on your special day!
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Not all of my friends were there though. some were here, and like I said, I raised my glass to you personally that day! I truely think I found out who my friends were that day. I luv you all! you're the best, and Cilla I agree, you're Barb is pretty cool. how'd you do it? wait, nevermind. I'd never understand it in a million years! LMAO! it's cool though!
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You're the sweetest Barb! Thanks for giving us the compliment!
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Oh I love the other pics. Thanks for posting them Cathi. Barb the food looks yummy and it looks like a great day had by all, sorry to hear some of your friends didn't turn up but I'm soo glad everything went smoothly.

I raise my glass(of Coke) right back at ya gal!
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The pictures are great, you look fabulous. Glad you had a good time.
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