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Barbs BIG DAY!!!!!!

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Today is the day!!! Barb (Jugen) is getting married today!!!

It is only 1 a.m. here in Iowa right now, so she still has quite a bit of time left, and lets hope she is getting lots of sleep tonight!

I will be thinking of you today....3 pm you said...I will stop whatever I am doing at 3 and imagine you so gorgeous walking down the isle! I wish I could have been there!!!!! Wouldn't you have just been so surprised if someone you had never met came up to you after the wedding and said, hi, I'm debby from thecatsite! I still have no idea how far Clinton is from where I live! But I will be thinking of you!!!! I am sure it will all go without a hitch! I can't wait to hear all about it!

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Barb, hope your day goes great! Can't remember if you are in my time zone or an hour behind, but at three my time, we'll be just about done getting ready to feed a bunch of folks at another wedding that starts at three here! Will be thinking about you !
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Barb- Your big day is finally here! Congratulations! I will be thinking of you
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Your wedding is finally here, Barb! You're a beautiful bride and I too will be thinking of you! Hope everything goes exactly as you have dreamed!
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Congrats Barb!!! Keep in mind no matter what may happen today, weird weather, weird relatives, weird friends, it's the years ahead that count. Wishing you as much happiness as there are ears of corn in Iowa! See, even a New Yorker knew that!
Mazel Tov!
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Good luck, congratulations, felicitations and mazel tov, Barb!
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Awesome! Finally after all the headaches from planning, the worries or over. Have a beautiful day. Pictures...don't forget we want to see pictures when you get back from the HM
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Congrats on you and Brad's nuptials Barb!!
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barb, im so happy 4 u, today is the day!!! Im so jealous
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Oh happy day!

Barb, I hope everything runs smoothly and you have many wonderful memories of this special day! And when you get a chance....we want to see pics!!!

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Congrats on your happy day.
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Barb- I am sure you got hitched without a hitch! Enjoy your time together, your honeymoon and post pictures soon!
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Get through it, Barb - just think, whatever goes wrong, you can at least stop worrying. I wish joy, happiness and contentment for both of you!
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Hope all went well Barb! Can't wait to see the pics!
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Congratulations Barb and Brad!!!!
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Barb, sending you the best of wishes, for you and Brad!!!
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Hi and thanks for the well wishes! I knew everything went well for some reason and now I know why, TCS board magic! nothing bad happened today or tonight, it went off perfectly. no honeymoon until later in the year we decided that together. I'm ehxausted and can hardly type in these nails so I'm going to go to bed, I just wanted to check in and let you all know how it went. Thanks to all of you for putting up with my constant witching and moaning! You all are the greatest friends a girl could have!
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Congrats Mrs. Married Person!!!! Glad it all went smoothly!
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Hooray!! congratulations! Now get some well deserved rest! I know after my weddiig last year all I wanted to do was relax! Enjoy the married life!!!
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Hissy I didn't realize that I never told anyone his last name, it's Balk. So now I'm officially Mrs Barb Balk.
Thanks again for putting up with my whining and moaning, I bet you guys are as glad as I am that it's over! and I PROMISE, I'll NEVER do it again! you guys rock! TCS rules!!!!!!
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"Brad & Barb Balk" - that's nicely alliterative. Of course, that would have been the headline, if you had both bailed on the ceremony.
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Originally Posted by katl8e
"Brad & Barb Balk" - that's nicely alliterative. Of course, that would have been the headline, if you had both bailed on the ceremony.

Congrats Barb and Brad! I'm so happy the day went off without a hitch! Of course, if anything did go wrong, it would only have added to the memories.

Please post pics when you guys have tired yourselves out eh?

Any plans for ?
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Congrats Barb! I am so excited that everything went so well for you yesterday! I can't wait to see some pics! Have a restful day today Mrs. Balk!!!!!
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Brad & Barb Balk, say that 10 times real fast!

I am so glad everything went well. Can't wait to see pics!
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katl8e too funny! trust me, I was looking out my friends window and thought" noone will know if I slip out the front door right now" then I thought," no I can't do that i love him to much!" but I was looking at all those people and just about threw up! I was so nervous!
then when it came our (my uncle walked me down the "isle") turn to come outside, I stepped on the back of my dress and froze because I almost fell down the steps. finally made it down them and got married! YAY! then the reception was so much fun, Brad spilled his glass of champagne on the both of us right after the toast My girlfriend hit (accidently) well scraped another car while backing hers out, fortunately it turned out to be Brads brothers girlfriend and not another wedding guest. she was moritifed! but no harm done. and (thankfully) nothing bad happened to the house or the cats.
I thought the weight of the world lifted when I came home and nothing bad happened and the cats were all still inside and ok. and I have a few pics, I just don't know how to resize them to fit on here so if some one would be wonderful and help me do that, I'd be happy to pop a few on here...if you guys want to see them I mean..
And Tamme: no for me. I can't on my medication and we really don't want or have the time for kids now. Maybe sometime in the future. I'd have to talk to the doctor about my meds, and all sorts of stuff before we do that, so it's a ways off. everyone says I have a nurturing instinct( I think for animals not humans though! LOL) and that I should have kids, but I'll have to think about it... but thank you for asking and you'll all be the first ones to know if I (we) decide to. that's a TCS promise!
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Check your PM's I wil resize them and shot them back to you
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This is really easy to use to resize pictures: http://irfanview.com/
Somebody here recommended it, and I've been using it ever since.
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Congratulations Barb and Brad, I'm glad your wedding went smoothly!!!!

EDIT: I can't resist adding this:

Barb and Brad sitting in a tree
First comes love
Then comes marriage
Here comes Brad with a baby carriage

Have to run now......
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WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO GLAD everything went so well. You sound so excited and happy - and after all the fears, I'm so glad the reassurances weren't wrong. Congrats, Barb!!!!!!!!!!

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Lorie, you are so silly!
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