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My kitties currently use a non-clumping clay litter. My concern is the dust. I recently purchased a product called "Litter Pearls". Two of my cats have used it, the other two are a little unsure. I've mixed some in with the regular clay litter for them to get use to.
Has anyone had any experience with this litter and how do they feel about it? Thank you for any information.
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Do you have a Pet Supplies Plus where you are? I have tried almost every kind of litter there is. I like "Premium Scoopable" Cat Litter that is sold at PSP. It is 99% dust free and is sold for $7.13 for a 40 pound bag.

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Hi Donna,

Thank you for your reply. I'm a regular at our Pets Supply Plus store. I'll look for the Premium Scoopable. It's less expensive than the pearl litter. ($8.69 for a 4 lb. bag and with three huge cat boxes it gets expensive!)
Does the clumping litter clump well?
Thanks again.
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I use feline pine for my cats. It's cheap, dust-free, holds odor & it doesn't clump but you don't have to change it very frequently unless you want to (I scoop their poop twice, though). I really like it & my cats like it, too

I used Little Pearls, when I had only Minnosh. She liked it. She likes everything actually; she's a very adaptable kitty But it's very expensive & that's why I don't use it anymore.
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Hi Seda,

Yes, the pearls are expensive but I do like the fact that I don't have any dust. Our quest for the perfect litter never seems to end, does it?
Thanks again for your suggestion. I will try that one also.
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It scoops pretty well. I have a little secret. When I totally clean the boxes, after I wash them out, I spray a little bit of PAM on the bottom of each box and about an inch up the side. It prevents the wet litter from sticking. My oldest cat Mollie Rose likes to dig to China so when she pees, it's near the bottom. The PAM works great.

Good luck.

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Donna, by PAM you mean those oil-sprays right ?? That's a great idea actually.

Do you use a specific flavor ?

Kathleenn, since we have 2 bathrooms, I put the litter boxes in to one of those bathroom's tub. So it doesn't matter for me how much they scatter But yes you are right, I don't want clay dust for my cats either !
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Hi Donna,

What a great idea using PAM. One of my boys concentrates using one area of the box, so that would really help. Thanks!

Seda, unfortunately we only have one bathroom with a tub.

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Tidy Cat Crystals work as well as the pearls and are not as expensive. One bag will last 2 weeks for my 2 cats in one litter box. No dust. Wonderful odor control. I scoop a couple of times a day or as needed. I recently bought Feline Pine and I'm very impressed with it. The pine pellets dissolve as they absorb urine and odor, which is great, except by the end of two weeks there is so much powder in the litter boxes, it's like looking for buried treasure to scoop! <G>
My vet told me about a litter called Yesterdays News. It's made of recycled newspaper, has anyone tried it? The perfect litter? That would be wonderful!

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As the pellets start dissolving their volume kind of increase so I take some of the dissolved "dusts" as time passes & leave a shallow part in the box.

I didn't use the newspaper one I guess it would be a little bit smelly ??
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