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Please Read...

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Guess what?! I got a free day of Vacation today!!

Some of you may have noticed that I have been MIA for the last 24 hours, well atleast my partner in crime did! (Cindy) Shortly after I posted my response in Shell's thread, the one with everyone's update....the lights starting flickering in the lobby next to my desk at work. All of a sudden 3 people ran downstairs from above me ( I work in a 2 story Victorian home) and one grabbed the fire extenguisher and put out a fire that started in the breaker box outside!! Shortly after that, we had NO LIGHTS--ANYTHING! Houston has been having weather in the mid 90's, and well it felt like an oven yesterday at work, I got off about an hour earlier...which was a good thing.

My boss called last night at 9pm and said for us to not come in tomorrow (which is today)! YEA! I have a had a productive day...but unfortunatley haven't had 2 seconds to be on here until now!

Ok, so I had breakfast with my mom! Which was great! And we spent the day together!

Also, just so everyone knows Cindy and I will be out of pocket guys out there keep welcoming our new members! I shall be back on Sunday sometime...I have a baby shower to take care of out of town...(I will try and peek in here a couple of times too)

Have a wonderful weekend guys!!

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I'll bet that was a nice surprise! I've been reading that parts of Texas have been without power for the past two days, so I guess a lot of people have had unexpected vacation. Enjoy your weekend!
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Oops, I forgot to mention...IT had NOTHING to do with the weather,it's been hotter and drier than anything here! The reason why the fire was started was because we had some powerwasher doing there job and the wires got wet.............
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I went into the office yesterday to air up some more balloons for the baby shower I hosted, and the electricity was still out! It was like an oven in there! I tried to call the office to see what was up this morning and NOTHING, phones are still out! This has been 3 days and may not be good for business I am a little scared now if they get the phones working by tomorrow morning, yikes that's going to be hard to explain to about a million people Maybe I'll get another day of vacation tomorrow!! Hey..there's always hope!!
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It's bad for business, but would be nice to have another vacation day! You need another day to prepare for the busy day your gonna have when the power is back
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Oh yeah! I'll go for another day of vacation that's for sure! It was funny because I had 2 full days last week and we left early on it feels like I have been extremely lazy for over a week now...hehe...I have a very jealous husband though...hehe...he said if I didn't go in tomorrow he is taking day of vacation, but tomorrow he is giving an interview...DARN! All day by myself....I can do that too!
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Awww you can just spend the day here with us
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YEA!!!!!!!!!! I'll bring Mittens with me!
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Looking forward to it. I will be at work, unfortunately, but I can be online all day even when I am there. So I guess it's not that bad.
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Enjoy your fun day off! What a shame you'll just have to spend your whole day here!
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Well...I called my boss to make sure what I was suppose to do, and he told me to just to come in at the regular time...the light company is suppose to be there first thing this morning, but we'll just see about that! If anything else happens, I'll hear something in about an hour, but until then I am gonna go get ready for work Even if I do HAVE to go, we'll probably won't be there more than 2-3 hours...
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There went your fun day off. Hope it goes by quickly for you, I'm sure you'll have a lot of catching up to do! See you when you get back!
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I HATE it when that happens! When you think your probably going to end up with a day off, and then you find out you don't get it, your devastated! I hope you get to leave after a few hours.
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Guess where I am?

I went in at the regular time, and my boss said we would leave by 10 if we had no right when he was about to let us leave, one of the agents said we can hook up an extension cord from the back ( we have other offices in the garage apartment in the back) and guess what? Within 20 minutes, I was answering a million calls with sweat pouring down my face...I did that for about an hour and then went to have lunch with my friend! Thank God I had AC! When I got back, the light comapny was out fixing the power, shortly after 1...we had power, the house is still cooling down, but won't be until tomorrow until we are back to pants are still sticking to me I am miserable! Well, I have a little less than 2 hours left in the day...and I have tons of work to do! Catch ya later...I'll try to get back on tonight some time

Sorry about the complaining...
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Hang in there, not too much longer! I am sorry you had such a bad day
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At least the power came back on! I hope you had a good sleep after that!

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Yes, it did indeed! It's been a great couple of days since it did! I have got a lot accomplished! Phew! One more day till Friday!
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