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[quote=kittylover4ever]Sashay is as well.....love the eyes!
If she is very very very feral, how do you get such a good pic of her?
She has been with me for 2 years now and as long as I stay more then 5 feet away from her she's ok.

Wow Trixie has a beautiful face and big eyes
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kittylover4ever, Tigger absolutely LOVES being brushed. She will have her face brushed over and over again until she actually starts to gag! From opening her mouth so big I guess. Then I put the brush down, but then she goes over to it and lies on it trying to brush herself! Silly girl
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What beautiful kitties! Keep it up please!
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Here's the latest of my sweet Pixie.............
If looks could kill.............
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Do any of your cats do this? Whenever Trixie lays down, she crosses her legs.
She squinted just as the flash went off for this pic.
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OMG! I am so in love--I'll take some new pics of Mittens tonight!! I am sure you are all waiting...

He hasn't had a photo shoot in about 3 months! EEK!

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Aww everybody's sweeties are so cute! I love brown/black tabbies!!

I haven't seen any long haired ones... I'll have to include my Sparta.

This is her when I first got her at about 5-6 months

Again at 5-6 months. She had been shaved for some reason at the HS

Here's a thirsty girl!

And this one just shows her cuteness (to me anyway)
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Can't wait to see Mittens new pics.................don't forget!
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Ok, I have some new pics, but before I post them...can someone make them brighter and smaller for me?
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If you send 'em quickly, I can do it for you. I'm leaving in about 15 minutes, though.

diana @ flyingtigerwebdesign . com
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Oops, I went to go eat dinner...can anyone else do them?
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Originally Posted by caprice
Oops, I went to go eat dinner...can anyone else do them?
Hey Caprice Send them to me you should already have my addy
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I love them all! They are all so beautiful and handsome! I can't wait to develop my film and post pics of Grissom!
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Originally Posted by Jeamy
Okay, that sounds like fun!

Here are a couple of pictures of my sweet Zac:

One of his baby pictures:

I miss those sweet kitten days...

And here he is now:

Before meeting Zac, I thought brown tabbys were boring. But now I know better.

I must say, we all have a bunch of very lovely cats here. What beauties!
Now I know why I wanted a brown tabby so bad before my Tiger found me. WHat a cute and gorgeous boy he was before he grew into that handsome cat he is now. I hope my Tiger becomes that striking, in a orange and white sort of way
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Trixie Pixie Pie's pic of the day...........are you guys sick of her yet?
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You can post a million pics of her, and I would never get tired of seeing her!

BTW, I should have pics up by tonight or tomorrow, hopefully, Cathi is making them lighter and smaller. For some reason, even with my flash my pics turn out dark...guess my house is just too dark!
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Can't wait to see the pics of Mittens Candi.......will be looking for them!
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Hope you guys like seeing my sweetheart
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2 more later today or tomorrow, but for now...here is another

Thanks Cathi for making them brighter!

He's cute--huh?!
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Oh that he is Candie.....cute as a button!!!!!!!!!!!
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Here is today's picture of my Pixie Pie..............what a face huh?
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Another one of my angel sitting at my makeup table...........
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Ah! She wants some powder!
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she does love looking in the mirror! I think she thinks it's a window!
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can you see Lovie's thumbs. She lives with Joan in Rhode Island. Personally , I think she is an alien!
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Lovie and Patches are beautiful.........although I couldn't really see her thumbs!
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She uses those thumbs to open things. She is nine years old and has lived with Joan since she was about 10 weeks old, her mom was a feral cat that Joan would feed. She tried to trap the other kittens and the mom, but they moved on to another neighborhood. Lovie decided to stay and one day Joan went out to feed the other cats and Lovie jumped up on Joan's ample backside and wouldn't get down. Joan tried shaking her loose...no dice. So she went into the lobby of her building and Lovie jumped down and said where do we live, Mommy? Joan named her Lovie cause she loves to snuggle and is such a little LOVE!
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Here's Marge. She's Cleo's sister! She is one of the friendliest cat's I've ever met. She's one of those that comes when you call all the other cats, and when you call her name!

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Oh Prissy........so sweet she is. Looks just like my Trixie........even the belly hair color , how it's slightly orange....................what a sweetheart! Anytime you feel like posting thier pics, feel free!
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