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Moving Mom & Kittens Question

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The stray Momma cat, Charity & her babies that I'm fostering are doing very well. Thanks for everyone's advice on helping them. They are about a week old and so far all is well. However I have yet another question.

We have been keeping her and the kittens in a box under my bathroom sink. It's really too hot for them in the bathroom now that it's summer, and Charity is very friendly & she wants to be around us more. We can't leave her running around because she is still aggressive toward my other cats.

I was loaned a large Cat Condo/playpen cage by a rescue group and I'd like to put it in our living room & move them there. How should I go about this? Should I move her and then the kittens or move the kittens and then her? She trusts us when we handle the kittens but I don't want to stress her out too much. Is now a good time to do it or should they be older?

I also want them in the living room so the kittens will be able to get used to seeing (when their eyes open) & smelling my other cats (while still being segregated) so they'll have a good basis for socialization & be even more adoptable when the time comes... and to start to get Charity & my cats used to each other in case we decide to adopt her ourselves.

Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Destiny,

It would be fine to move mom-cat into the pen and then the kittens. You'll need to cover the whole pen with a sheet for a few hours after you move everyone so that mom and babies can settle for a while. Keep the noise level in the living room low for the first day or so, so that mom does not become stressed. Play some classical music very quietly nearby as this has a calming, soothing effect. Don't be surprised if mom becomes a little anxious because of the move for a day or two.
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Just to add, has Charity had a vet check and bloodwork done to make sure she is well? It's not a good idea to let her near your other cats (even just sniffing each other through the cage) if you're not sure how healthy she is.
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Yeah she's had a general exam & been tested for FIV & FELV, both were negative. Other than being under weight she looked very good the doctor said. She had worms & was treated for them as well as fleas. Since then she has gained some weight & eats very well. So she & the kittens appear to be pretty healthy considering everything.

Thanks for the adivce I'll give it a try & see how she does in the cage!

The first kitten opened his eyes today! Yay!
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How'd the move go?
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Originally Posted by LDG
How'd the move go?

Well, I thought we did ok. I put in some yummy food & then the kittens. She nursed them right away & seemed pretty calm. After awhile I could hear her rattling the cage and figured she was mad about being in there. I'd say sweet things to her, but left the sheet over it so I couldn't see what she was doing. Then all of a sudden I saw her fly out of it!

Somehow she figured out how to un-latch the door! It's not easy either, it's pretty tight. Smart little girl!

Now they are back in the bathroom until I can find something that will secure the door more. Maybe a padlock?
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Wow! I can't believe she got it open! (Our kitties figured out how to open the bathroom door, and then the shower door!) Maybe just a pipe cleaner? Easy for you to undo and quickly.... ?
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Pipe Cleaner...That's a good idea! I'll have to go get some & try it out. Luckily she hasn't figured out the bathroom door yet. But she does know what the doorknob does so it could just be a matter of time!

Now that one of the little boys has his eyes open he's been trying to reach the top of the box & one of his sisters is enormous so I think as soon as her eyes open she'll have no trouble reaching the top. Looks like they're going to be escape artists like their mom.

I don't want them to fall out of the box or cabinet as they start to get more mobile. The cage will be much safer I think.
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You can always use a twist tie. The kind they use for garbage bags? Pipecleaners aren't that easy to find all the time.
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hey that's a good idea too. I think I may have gotten some when I went to the grocery store last night. I'll give it a try tonight. Thanks!
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