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It worked! Guess I didn't have a blonde moment after all!
Here's another pic of a Tuxedo, 2 MOO and 2 entirely black cats.
The Tuxedo (second from left) in this pic was a cat I fostered for about 5 months before I found a good home for him.

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A close up pic of the Tuxedo cat I fostered (named Taz). He was a real sweetie and I really enjoyed fostering him.

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Here's one of my fav pics of my "MOO" cats (can also be considered Tuxedos)??

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Last pic of my "MOO" cats for now I promise! As u can see in this pic, they LOVE to wrestle!! Sometimes I can't tell where one cat began and the other cat ended!
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Too cute! I them all! Love the wrestling pic.
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Pamela I love Willow's milk mustache
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Here's Felixia in a basket, chewing on her toes.

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Great pics Pamela.............so beautiful! keep em coming........
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Thanks for all the compliments!!
I agree about Willow's milk mustache!! I always thought she should've been a male since she looks so sophisicated with her "mustache" and "tuxedo outfit"!

Since u asked, here are 3 more pics of my "MOO" kitties!
In this pic, u can see the girls were having fun "bopping" each other on the head!

In this pic, u can see that I don't have much room on my bed for myself!!

In this pic, the gals just stopped wrestling for a min and u can see how disgruntled Zebra was with Pepper for stopping!

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Here's 4 more pics of my "MOO" cats! In this series of pics, u will see Zebra (older cat) teaching Pepper (young cat) how to get in trouble! tsk tsk..

I kept finding that gray foam on the carpet for a couple weeks and would stuff it back in between the openings of the ac unit and window then a few hours or days later, I'd find that same foam on the carpet. I was really puzzled at this but finally caught on to Zebra's tricks after a few weeks! Embarrassing it took me so long to catch on!

In this pic, I finally caught Zebra pulling the "foam" from my window air conditioner unit!

In this pic, u'll see Pepper watching as Zebra carefully pulled the foam out with her teeth. I can actually see Zebra saying "Gently pull the foam out with ur teeth and use ur paws to hold on to the foam once it's free of the ac unit.." and Pepper saying "AWWW! That looks cool! I can't wait until it's my turn to drive mommy crazy with this!"

THEN u'll see in this pic that Zebra was batting at the foam as Pepper watched.. Was Zebra showing Pepper HOW to play with that foam??

Last pic, u'll see Pepper trying this out as Zebra watched proudly!
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These are fantastic! Now, Zebra and Pepper, are you trying to give your Mommy a hard time?
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Originally Posted by tuxedokitties
Here's Felixia in a basket, chewing on her toes.

Felixia and Jamie could double for each other in movies!
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Everyone's pics have been just darling............here is my Petals when she was a bit younger. Reminded me of the ET seen........
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All of these pictures are ADORABLE (as if I have to convice you all!!ha)
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I will try to attach picture of my son Spooner Lee. I am a very proud mama. Isn't he handsome! I tell him all the girls would just "swoon" over him! Then he rolls over, stretches on his back and shows me his belly! Typical man getting praise!!??


Oops, obviously wrong. Will try again when figure this attaching pictures out. But take my word for it, he is to SWOON over!
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Looks like Zebra is a little spitfire! Bet he/she keeps mommy on her toes! I can just hear Pepper saying "Zebra did it first mommy!! with that "who me do such a thing! look on the face!
They are both beautiful!!
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Ah Petals has the staring role in CARMEN, with those flowers seductivly in her mouth: Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da...da da dummp, dummp dummp! Metropolitan Opera, here we come! What a vamp! Can't wait to post my tuxedo Franz..to the photo drop tomorrow!
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Adorable pics!

Tricia, JC & Felixia do look like twins
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Orei, my baby tux mix! OH how I love him!
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I am here in Newark Ohio. Hope to figure out this picture attachment thing (I think I have major senior moments!ha) so can share pic of my furry son. Actually he probably thinks I am the ugliest cat around...but he still loves his mommy!
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Petals has the sweetest and daintiest looking little face. When she got to be an adult (I am assuming she is) did she change much in face? My Spooner had a "baby" face when I brought home and now he has a "I am master of this household" face!ha (Just tween us...he is!ha)
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have you checked out this thread? How to post pictures
I'd love to see some pics.
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Petals was 4 weeks old and very sick when we found her out in the middle of nowhere. Her face has changed quite a bit, but it was as sweet back then as it is today. I could just squeeze the stuffing out of her!
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Here is a young man who I am fostering. His momma was turned in with him and his four siblings when they were just 2 days old. They are now 2 weeks and 2 days old and are growing FAST:

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Thanks Tuxedokitties

Thanks to some really nice and kind replies on here, I got it figured out (well maybe the sizing thing I will need to perfect!ha) I have a picture of Spooner on here. He is in a very "modest" pose! Pretty obvious why he has my heart wrapped around his little paw, huh! (proud mama here!ha)
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How do you manage to give up a kitty after having it and raising it for a while? Don't get me wrong, I think what you are able to do is a great great thing and I admire you for the abilities you must have to be able to put the good of the kitty above your emotions all time like that. Does it bother you more on some and less on others, or just how does that work? I only know a little bit about fostering. What dictates how long you have them? Those little ones are so huggable! I think I would want to squeeze all time!ha How many are you fostering right now? Is it only one at a time or is there a limit or what? Are they generally kitties abandoned at the shelter? Again, let me tell you how much I appreciate you and other foster mommys that give unselfishly to be a foster mom.
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Oh Spooners, that is my same exact questions and thoughts..........
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Mama and Megan

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Honestly, all your cats are gorgeous!
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