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Advice Needed for Persian Princess

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Princess Jazzmin (5 years old) just went for her teeth cleaning. They had to pull 3 teeth. She was great for 4 days (pain killers) and then started to experience some weird behavior...her back legs and head started to do these twitching things. The vet said it could be a response to the anethesia. Well, it's been a week and the twitching is less (mostly just her ears) but I find that she is having trouble eating...but she is. She is urinating like normal, but her poop is only about 4 nuggets/day- - I realize with the lack of some teeth, she may not be eating as much. But she also seems very sad (she hides) when we leave to go to work. Is she depressed? How can I help? Has anyone else had this reaction after dental work? Another side note is that she is AWFUL at the vets....she becomes evil kitty and sheer terror sets in. So, I am hesitant to bring her back to the vets when she eats/drinks and I have accrued quite a bill.
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Welcome to TCS.

Yes, I would agree that the slight twitching would be due to the anaesthesia. As for her having trouble eating, she may still be in some pain in her mouth. Are you feeding her soft food only for now? If not, you can switch her to canned food while she is recovering and gradually re-introduce the dry food. If she is still having trouble, you can water down the food so it is the consistency of a thick milkshake. You can also feed her Kitten Glop while she is recovering. Ther recipe is half-way down this page. It is full of all the nutrients a kitty needs and will help while she recovers. Remember, after a tooth is pulled, it is often stitched so her mouth will be very uncomfortable.
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Bella, my 8-yr-old, had three teeth pulled right before I adopted her two months ago. She absolutely refused dry food for the first few days, even the kind she had eaten at the shelter previously. She LOVED canned food, though, still can't get enough. She had loose stools for a few days as well, but with the combination of stress and anesthesia I wasn't surprised, and as long as she was eating and drinking I wasn't too concerned. She was also pretty quiet and shy, and some of that may have also been the anesthesia, because she's no wallflower anymore!!
She also pulled her stitches out of one incision, which I was not aware of until a month later when I took her back to the same vet for a check-up. This could account for why she wasn't too keen on dry food - I wouldn't want to get kibble in a hole in my gum either!!
I think Jazzmin will be back to normal very soon, but do feel free to call the vet and ask questions if you're concerned, that's what they're there for!
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That's interesting about the eating. When she first came home...she wouldn't eat any soft food (which she LOVED)...but feasted on kitty treats (the soft kind- - i know they are bad, but the vet said whatever makes her eat). I tried even canned tuna, but still wouldn't eat much. For some reason she opted for the hard food that the vet recommend (JT or something with 2 initials)..and not her regular Iams. So I bought a bag of it and she does eat it but now I am wondering if it's too hard. I have put my finger in her mouth around the area to see if I can see an infection, but I don't and she doesn't bite me.....which if she hurt, I figure she would. The bonus in all this is that she is very attention deprived and wants us to pet her or sit on our lap at any moment.
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What kind of canned food are you feeding her? Is it ground, or cuts in sauce? I started keeping track of what kinds Bella would eat and what she wouldn't (I was a bit obsessive at first) and I noticed that if it was the ground kind, didn't matter what flavor, she'd lick the platter clean, but if it was cuts of actual meat, she'd lap up the gravy first, then pick at the meat bits until it got too dry for her taste. I'll still find little dried bits of meat if I give her that kind.

I agree with your vet - I remember when I had my wisdom teeth out, I lived on pudding and instant mashed potatoes for three or four days, but hey, at least I was eating, and not pulling my stitches loose! Wouldn't recommend a steady diet of it for any length of time, but for a couple days, just to keep her strength up, probably won't hurt her. And if she's eating the prescription food with few complaints, I wouldn't worry much about that either.
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