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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Is anyone as excited as I am that this movie is now open? I have tickets with a co-worker, her husband and 13 year old daughter for the 8:00 show tonight. This book, along with the Order of the Phoenix, are my favorites so far, so I'm very interested in how the new director handles the story.
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Was that tonight!!! I wanna take my bf's son..... Ack! I hope its not sold out!!!
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I know by us they already sold out , or will be by the time I would go there . With a movie like that the line is soooooo long , you have to wait 1 hour to get a ticket . I think I will wait a week , or go sometimes next week .
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Today is not my day His Mom or Aunt all ready took him, the same happened with Shrek 2. I guess I will wait til' it comes on dvd and buy it. I'll spend just as much as I would at the movie theatre anyway.
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It was my favorite book of the series, too, but I have sadly heard very bad things about it due to the new director Apparently Quidditch is totally OUT. No Quidditch in the film at all. Apparently a lot of other changes were made, too, which always bugs me.

However, I've also heard a lot of positive things about it, especially from folks who have not read the books.

So I guess it is a toss-up I'm going to take my daughter to see it next week, though, as she cannot handle being in large crowds. She LOVES HP, but I haven't even told her that the movie is coming yet, so she'll be happily surprised when I tell her we can go see it!
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I'm going tomorrow after painting my parents bathroom at their house for them (It was my grams, and she was trying to pass away for the past 10 years, but her body would have none of that.. so she demolished the bathroom over time.. so I'm refurbishing it as a help to them) And if Jason doesn't wanna go to the theatres on saturday, he can babysit the cats.
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My husband, 24 yr. old daughter and I are going after work. I'm hoping the lines won't be too long. They are showing it every 45 minutes at AMC so hopefully we won't have to wait in line. I also figured most folks would not go to the "dinnertime" show and would want to take their kids home to eat first.

I was listening to a critique on it this morning on the radio and it seems it is "different" with the new director, but to also realize Harry, Hermione and the others are "getting into teens, hormone changes, etc.". I enjoyed the book so am sure I'll be happy with the film.
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I got my ticket for 10:30 tonight (less kids at that time). Going with my mom. We've seen the other two opening night together so we're going to see this one.

Can't wait!!!!!!
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It opened here yesterday, and the reviews are great. My neighbor and I decided to go see it this afternoon, figuring that we'd have no trouble getting in, as it was being shown in three theaters at the multiplex. We guessed wrong! AOL Germany is showing all sorts of scenes from it. Since I read the books in English, and saw the first two films in English, too, it was weird watching the scenes in German. Maybe I'll wait for the DVD.
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I just bought my tickets online for a 10:00 show tonight!

HBO has been running a 15-minute preview of the movie. It's supposed to be a lot darker than the previous films. I can't wait.

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We bought our tickets online for an 11:00 show tomorrow! I can't wait!
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It opened today here, even though there has been some previews before today though. I AM going to see this one! I saw the first one on opening night (or even a preview, I dont remember) but totally MISSED the second one, only saw it the moment it came out on dvd. I am lousy at going to the movies, but after my son was born I have been even worse I think I´ve been to the movies twice after he was born - for 2 years!

The problem is though, that I havent got around to read the book yet - bought the first four 2 years ago, in Edinburg, in the bookstore they were first sold in (religiously ), but I really want to read the book before I see the film. I had read the books before I saw the other two, and I really want to read this one first, but that could mean I miss the movie.....big dilemma
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We just got back, saw Harry Potter and Shrek 2. Have to say of the two movies, Shrek gets my vote as the better one. The book was so much better, the movie glossed over so much. There is quiddich in this move, not a lot of it, but some. Some of the special effects were pretty cool. But overall, I was disappointed.
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I just got home from seeing it and the movie was awesome!! Actually there was a quidditch scene.... But it was in the rain... So You could hardly see it. But the whole movie was awesome. Harry and pals have really grown up.
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IT WAS AWESOME!!! The best so far!!!! I would love to see it again! It was well worth the wait.
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I just got home from seeing it, too. It was clearly much darker than the other 2, and had I not read the book, I think I would have been lost. As these films based on longer and longer books progress, I really don't see how it will be possible to keep the movie versions to 2 hours. So much was left out. I had to explain quite a bit to the friend who came with me and hadn't read the book. Honestly, I think the Chamber of Secrets was a better film.
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I had a 12 year old girl behind me telling her parents everything that was going to happen before it did! The only thing that prevented me from asking her to stop was the fact that at least she reads!
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My stepson and his friend went to see it tonight and they said they really liked it!
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My cousin and I went and saw it today. I was worried that I wouldn't like it because of the new director and the fact that Dumbledore was being playing by someone new, but I was plesently suprised!! About 10 minutes into, I knew it was going to be an awesome movie. And it was! I loved it!!!
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My son went with his friend yesterday night at 10 and he said he like it , but then he is only 16 years old . I never did read the books , so I would not know what I miss out on . But my son also said there were a or a couple of sceens what did not make sence to him So now I wonder should I go or not to watch it , hmmmmm ???
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Well, I liked the movie a lot. There were a few scenes that made my hair stand on end (especially when Harry conjures his real Patronus, or when he rides on Buckbeak). And when I saw Crookshanks for the first time, I thought of Sam (I never imagined Crookshanks as a Persian, just as a beaten-up alley cat).

I'm planning to see it again this week. I saw it Friday night at 8 pm with a bunch of teenagers-maybe without the hormones and cell phone calls it might be more wonderful.
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I thought t was quite good. a word though because I almost bopped a few people with an umbrella. A book and a movie are two quite different things.. If you want all the information of a full length novel in a movie, be prepared to sit on your duff in a theatre for about 10 hours.

on a happier note.. there is quidditch!
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Very good! Even Rob liked it and he is a picky movie person. My only complaint was that the whole Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs thing was not well explained, which meant I had to explain it to Rob. Otherwise it was great. I thought the casting for Lupin and SIrius was great.
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Weve got a guy at work who is able to copy them, we don't ask questions but they are perfect copies.

He's back from holiday next week and he has his orders ready for it when he comes back on monday, and i can't wait
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Saw this this weekend. I loved it. Of course, I am a little bit crazy about Harry Potter according to my friends. But that being said my cousin's boyfriend already wants to see it again.
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We wanted to see it again too, so we saw it both Saturday and Sunday evenings.
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Great movie best one so far.
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I was so excited that Crookshanks was a Persian, I think the whole movie theater heard me telling my friend Lisa(who I went with) that he was infact a red persian! LOL. Also Professor Trelwany(sp?), had a blue bicolor Persian as well, and he was GORGEOUS! Both needed a good groom though.

But other then that I didn't really like it at all, infact the only thing keeping me there was the fact I had spent $7, and Lisa is leaving to go to her new home overseas soon. I was really disapointed to say the least.

Shrek 2 opens here tonight, I'm going to see that this weekend! I can't wait. I LOVE Shrek 1!!!!

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I didn't really like it either sadly!

I dont know if its because we went to a cheap theatre and the whole time my rear was in severe pain.. or what, but it just didn't make me as happy as the others. My brother said he didn't like it because there was a lot less magic. I don't know why it wasn't pleasing Perhaps because they didn't focus so much on Harry Potter's feelings but more just the action? Hard to say.
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