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Socks attacks anyone who comes to my flat

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socks is a really lovely, friendly, gentle cat...well to me and my bf anyway

this started a few weeks after we got him but i thought he would grow out of it, but he hasnt.
when people come round to our flat, he walks up to them hissing and spitting at them, which i thought was strange anyway, but last night was the worst!!!
My best friend stayed over with me, i thought socks would like her, but i was far from right, he hissed at her the minute she walked through the doo, he did not take his eyes off her, she was just sitting watching telly, he ran up the arm of the couch, hissed, took a swipe at her, and cut her cheek!!!! He was not playing, he was really nasty, everywhere she went, he followed her, trying to attack her, i just couldnt understand it, as i said he doesnt like other people either, but his behavior to my friend was just unbelievable.
Does anyone know why he could be doing this? and why he was so bad towards her?
As i said at first, he is not like this with me at all.
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Your kitty sounds rather territorial - Have you had him since he was a kitten? Has he ever been around other people or other cats? If not, that might be the problem. Is there a room you could put him in when people come over? That way, he would be more able to get used to the smells and sounds of other people, then eventually you could let him out? I'm just giving amateur advice, though . Also, is your kitty neutered/spayed? Getting them fixed might ease the territorial-ness.
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he is only 14 weeks old so to young to get neuterd, though ive had him since he was 5 weeks old, he came from a litter of 6. but i just cant understand why he is like this with everyone who comes in, but as nice as pie to me and my bf
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14 weeks isn't too young to get neutered... though that behaviour seems a bit extreme to be fixed my a simple desexing!

Is there any chance your friend had an offending smell on her? Cat, dog, bad perfume...

My best friend has a cat who hates new people, and she will hiss and spit at them, and slap them if they are ever within range (I'm sure she's trying to goung out chunks of skin, but she's declawed). She has mellowed out recently - but she's 19 years old..you may not want to wait that long for a mellowing! However, she doesn't go up and attack people, she only attacks if they come near her. If she ever goes to approach someone with hostile intentions, my friend picks her up and locks her in the bedroom. Is this an option for you? If kitten starts to get too aggresive, shut it up in a room the stranger won't have to go into. Ideally he'll stop being quite so violent, though he may never warm up to the idea of visitors.

My friend's cat only attacked at "new" people, though. After regular visits, she'll accept someone as part of "her" world. (I house/pet sat for her and slept there for a week... so now she even lets me touch her ) Encourage your friend to come by often and maybe kitten will warm up to her

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my vet will not neuter untill between 4-6 months and i thought that was the proper age anyway. So i dont think this is the problem
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Carrie, Sophie did a similar thing to one of my friends.

Sophie was on the stairs when my friend went over to her and put her hand out to her and Sophie started to back away from her.

I think she's going to be like Rosie where it takes her a couple of hours before she feels comfortable near strangers.
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Sierra has never gotten used to being around other people and tends to get quite upset.
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