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Kitten has cataract!!!!!

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I took my 5 month old Persian kitten to the vet this morning to have him neutered. The vet noticed something wrong with his eyes. She put some drops in them and then told me he has cataracts. She said that I have to take him to a specialist. If his eyes are healthy (whatever that means!) they may be able to do surgery, if they are not, he will probably go blind!!!! Can this be true??? He is just a baby. She said it is congenital.

Is this something common?? Has anyone here had this sort of problem with their kitten??? What are the chances that his eyes are indeed healthy? Is surgery usually successful? Is my baby going blind??

By the way, he is not getting neutered today because one of his testicles has not descended yet. She wants to wait and see if it will do so on it's own!! I can't believe this!

Please help me with your advice. I am totally freaking out!!!

Thank you.

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Jacquie...I am sorry you have had another bump in the road!! I swear I would love to smack these breeders and pet stores!!!
Don't panic too much. It could be that it was inherited from a bad line. There is also such a thing as juvinile cataracts. They can also be caused by trauma to the eye and diabetes. A healthy eye is an eye without infection and healthy tissue. I would think his eyes are okay at this time unless he has an infection. They usually only do surgery if it's in both eyes. I am not sure what the specialist there is going to say or do. It is operable and if you have the chance, I would do it. Yes, after time they will lead to blindness. If it did come down to that, he is young and would be able to compinsate for that. It is also common for males to have undescended testicles. It is wise to wait because otherwise they have to go in as if they were going to do a spay on a female. I hope everything works out for him. You will have to keep us updated.
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Sandie, Thank you for your response. I do hope you are right. I do not want my baby to go blind and will do everything I can to help him. I have an appointment on Tuesday with the specialist and I will be sure to post with the results. I am so sick about this. As if this week wasn't bad enough with this terrible world tragedy! I woke up thoroughly depressed this morning and after my visit to the vet, I have been at work all day on the verge of tears. The vet did say that she thinks there is a good possibility that his testicle will drop, so we will wait a couple of months for the neutering and think positively about that! I can't believe that after losing my Norton I have another problem with Jinxy. I guess being blind is obviously better than him dying on me, but I cannot bear to watch him suffer in any way. I am going home now to give Jinxy 1,000 kisses. Thanks for caring!!

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I have had some experience with eye problems and blindness in a cat. I wanted to let you know that there is still a lot of hope for your kitten. Even if you get bad news, a blind cat can do well and live a long and happy life.

Good luck
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Thank you. I know they can, but still I am unhappy for him. He is so young and loves to run around and play with his toys. He is so perfect!! At least he was. I should be glad he is not seriously ill, but I am so depressed. Maybe it is because of our world situation and how close in proximity it all is to me. You can't help but be very depressed and angry. It is just magnifying my baby's situation right now. I cant stand the thought of watching him bump into walls. But if that's what has to happen, then of course I will do anything for him and love him no matter what. It just didn't have to happen. He is so cute! I'll let you know on Wednesday what the specialist says.

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Jacquie, I had a friend whose dog had surgery to remove a cataract. It went wonderfully well and the dog sees just fine. I assume that it would work the same way for cats. My friend's vet said that the surgery is just lake cataract surgery for humans and that for experienced vets it is not much more difficult than a neuter! I'll keep my fingers crossed that your little guy pulls through with no problems.

....on another topic...how is Jinxy's potty problem? Has it gotten better?
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Jacquie~I am sorry to hear of your lovely kittens problems. He is still a perfect kitten, he just has a problem. We had a kitten born deaf, he was a lovely cat and very gentle...when we discovered his problem we taught him sign language. Shadow led a long and happy life, loved and spoiled by everyone. Your kitten can too, if surgery does not in fact (which I believe it will) correct his problem. He just needs a little extra love and attention to help him adjust. I have worked, as a pet owner, with many cats whom I took in and cared for when no one else thought they could lead normal and happy lives....it takes much patience and a lot of love but the rewards are immesuarable.

Bless you both and best wishes
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Hi everyone.

Firstly let me say that Jinxy no longer has a potty problem at all. He only goes in the litter box now. I guess he was just really small and couln't hold it in when he got excited!!

Secondly, I forgot to mention I think that the vet also told me Jinxy has glaucoma, which is worse than the cataracts!!!

Anyway, we took him to the specialist and he said that he could not find evidence of any glaucoma!!! Then he told us that he did have cataracts, but that his eyes were healthy and that he was born with it. It isn't that bad and it may not even grow at all. Also it isn't in the middle of his eyes where the pupils are. It is on the peripheral, so his vision is not much impaired at all!!!

We have to take him again in 4 months to check the glaucoma and to see if the cataracts have progressed or not!! I am so very happy. I would have loved him no matter what, but it was still very distressing to hear that my baby has a medical condition.

Also, everyone at the vet's office was in love with him! He is the cutest thing you have ever seen and he is so docile and sweet. They couldn't get over how good and adorable he was!!!

Now if only things were better in our nation I could actually turn a smile today.

Peace to you all and thanks so much!!!! God Bless America!!!

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I am glad you got a little bit of good news for a change! I am sure glad he fell into you lap. Without a doubt, he will receive all the love,care and attention he will ever need with you.
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