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A Very Over-Due Tribute To A Special Cat

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Kitty went to the Rainbow Bridge about this time 16 years ago, and I never did any tributes to her, so I wanted to do one now.

Kitty's Story

Kitty was originally owned by the brother of a friend of mine, and very unfortunately, he had her declawed when she was very young. My friend's brother had several roommates, and one of them turned out to be severely allergic to cats, so Kitty had to be rehomed and went to live with a family with two young children. Unfortunately, when this family moved out of their rented house about a year later, they adandoned their cat. My friend's family discovered that Kitty had been left behind and that the landlord was threatening to put her outside where she would have to fend for herself, so they rescued her but couldn't keep her. I was asked if I would be willing to provide a home for this cat, and I immediately liked her as soon as I saw her.

Kitty immediately became a true member of my family, and she was a very gentle and affectionate pet. In spite of being declawed at an early age by my friend's brother, Kitty didn't develop behavior problems and never resorted to biting to defend herself. Unfortunately, Kitty always seemed to have rather delicate health, and I had taken her to the vet several times for various problems. Even more unfortunately, I knew very little about cats back then, and I didn't realize Kitty had developed urinary problems until it was too late and Kitty's bladder was completely obstructed. Emergency surgery was performed at my local veterinary clinic, but Kitty died immediately afterward without coming out of the anesthesia. The vet who operated on Kitty was a kind man, and told me to consider what had happened a learning experience, and also didn't charge anything for the surgery, but I still felt really bad about what had happened. Kitty was only about 6 years old when she died.

Even though Kitty has been gone for so many years, I will always remember her and just wanted to share her story.
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Lorie that is a very sad story. But you gave her love and happiness, and she will be waiting for your at the bridge, sweet girl.
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Thank you for sharing Kittys story. It doesnt matter how long ago they left they are always missed.
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You gave Kitty best you can. Even you miss her. She happy with you. Now she happy in heven. She happy all years. She very happy when you come.
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It sounds like much was learned by you after Kitty left your life. I know from the posts you leave on the board here, that you are doing all you can to not have this happen to another person's cat.

You and Kitty will be reunited one day, and I know that she holds nothing against you. You gave her love- no kitty could ask for more.
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Kitty was very loved, and her memory shines through in your tribute to her, as well as in your posts to help people with their cats now.
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Life is full of learning experiences, but unfortunately they are not always happy ones. Thank you for sharing and helping others in the process.
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Lorie - that's a sad and sweet tale. Kitty will one day thank you for the care and love you gave her. You did your best at the time and that is all that counts.
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Thanks for all your responses.
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Lorie, it's so nice to hear somebody talking about a long-lost pet - Kitty is gone, but obviously not forgotten, and I'm sure your experience with her has been beneficial to all the other furbabies you've had.
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