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Do cats hold a grudge?

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I had recently posted a question about taking two of our cats to the groomers and then when they came home, they were "shunned" by our other two cats - lots of hissing and growling most likely due to different smell on the kitties that had the "spa treatment". Initially when the two "prettied" kitties came home, they were a bit nervous/upset about having been at the groomers and were somewhat jumpy. Bailey went straight to the food bowl to eat something cuz she had been gone all day. Maddie (her best buddie) walked up behind her and sniffed her - startled Bailey, who spun around, "screamed" and swatted at Maddie, who promptly hissed and ran away. For the first couple of days Maddie didn't want to have anything to do with Butch (the other prettied cat), but has since apparently "recognized" him and is fine with him now, but still is hissing and GROWLING at Bailey just at sight. Last nite, both cats were in the bathroom with me, and things had actually been fairly quiet between them all afternoon/evening, so Bailey was on the counter, I put Maddie up there as well - she walked over to Bailey, started nose to nose sniffing and finally pulled back and hissed - at that point, I think Bailey has had enuf of the "snotty kitty" routine and swatted at her, didn't touch her, just swung. So, now we're back to the hissing/growling/snarling..........so, now I'm wondering if Maddie is just mad at Bailey for originally swatting at her when she first got home from the groomers (cuz neither had ever swatted or hissed at each other before). Do cats hold grudges? It sounds crazy, but it seems like that is what is going on. I have tried the vanilla on the cats as suggested, and Maddie is just fine with the other cats but is just not happy with Bailey AT ALL, and she and Bailey have lived together for the past 4 years - they only joined the other two cats last December. Anything that I can do to "mend fences", or is this just something that they will have to work out on their own?? Both Maddie and the other cat, Sheila, will be going to the groomers themselves here in about a week and I bet this will start allllllllll over again, but in reverse.

Kitties........gotta love 'em, but they sure can be tempramental.

Thanks for any insight/suggestions - Happy Friday
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Before you bring the cats home from the groomer put vanilla on all four cats (perhaps have the groomer apply the vanilla to the two there) so you don't have to go through this all over again.

Regarding helping the two cats become friends again, start giving the two treats, but ONLY when they are together. This way Maddie will quickly learn that Baily equals good stuff. Also, give them lots of attention and praise whenever they are together. The idea is to have Maddie associate Bailey with good things (rather than bad memories) from now on. It might take a few days, but if you constantly make sure that good things happen to Maddie every time Bailey is in her presence, she will soon come to like her old pal once again.
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You can also look into getting a Comfort Zone Plug-In. It helps to create harmony among cats. Click here to find out more.
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