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Has Everyone Gotten This?  

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Hi Everyone :angel2:'s

Out of respect for those who's lives have been taken as well as taking notice to unite our Country men/women, I have been receiving this same email regarding going out into your driveway or your apartment with a lit candle. I thought it was a very nice gesture. I made some flyers for my neighborhood and tonite at 7:00 EST I will go out...My neighbors are so sweet, I'm sure they will participate; they are so thoughtful, even to my kitties. I'm so fortunate to have them.

The feeling of powerlessness has hit me hard and it seems that I would do just about anything to help. Giving blood is not option. Have many of you given blood yet? That's very honorable. Well, I just thought I'd see if you received that email...

Love & Peace

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Thank you Cat!

I want to give blood, but the nearest place I could do it is 70 miles away I feel so helpless to help these poor people!
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I didn't donate blood, but my husband and I donated some money to the Red Cross thru Amazon.com!
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Hi Deb, :angel2::daisy:

I know whatcha mean. Maybe the mobile unit can come by. I would do it in a heartbeat, but I'm on too many meds...I'd probably wind up getting someone wacko, before it helped them :LOL:

I did get out last nite; there were two other people that joined me. It was very nice anyway. We took a walk around the neighborhood, we're going to meet up tonite and do the same thing. I also faxed a note to the paper and notified them of what we were doing, but I didn't expect them to cover it; I was just tellng them about the concept. I was hoping that they could get the whole town involved by publishing a story or something like that. To my suprise, they were pretty receptive and called me back. I was shocked.

I'll keep ya posted.

Love Ya,

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Hiya Tigger :angel2::daisy:

You know that was really nice of you guys! I can't afford that right now, I wish I could. But, I I'll keep trying to contribute in other ways.

By the way...how's everything going???

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