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I've Always Wondered About This

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Why do cats grab things and then kick really hard with their back legs? Our cat Sagwa does this with the floor scratcher!
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I'm not 100% on this but i think it has something to do with a hunting instinct?
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It's called a rabbit-kick. I've seen television programs where lions do it when they have their prey by the throat but the prey isn't dead yet and still thrashing around. The rabbit-kick stops the prey kicking and injuring the predator.
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It also serves to...how can I put this without grossing everyone out...open the abdomen.

So domestic cats are imitating this action with their toys (or humans sometimes!)
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I am so very glad that Sagwa and my Dori rabbit-kick their toys and things around the house so that they do not get hurt by them! We wouldn't want that happening

(Dori does the same thing, she jumps on this green catnip monster looking guy she has and she rolls over on her back with him and rabbit-kicks the poor thing to death)
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Yeah, I tend to play with mine a lot, and the play tends to get rough at times. They have used this rabbit kick to open up my hand a few times. There's nothing like "cat scratch fever."
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A cat's a cat, be it your furbaby or the King of the Jungle. Tigers and lions seize and grasp their prey with teeth and front claws, and disembowel their prey with their back claws. If you compare the nature and size of your kitty's front and back claws you will undoubtedly find those to the rear are larger, and are teamed up with the sturdy muscles of the back legs as deadly instruments.

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Paige does this all the time.. yet another reson she's getting pink toenails on the 19th.
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