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Sagging belly?

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My cat is a 3 year old female. She's an indoor car who get's outside time usually once a day on a leash. She get excercise daily as well. I don't think she's overweight, but she does have a little sagging belly. I've seen this type of sag on other cats - male and female. What is the cause of this? Is she overweight if she has a little sag?

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My cat (3 years old) has one of those saggy bellies Actually she's been having it since she was 6-7 months old (she wasn't fat; less that 4 lb probably !) & I was worried & asked the vet ! The vet said that it was Ok (but didn't explain why they occur ??)

Now she gained some weight (8.5 lb; well she is a small cat) & that saggy bag looks more saggy. So I put her on a less-fat diet
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to Seda

What kind of diet did you put your 3 year old on??? I have a two year old that's quite saggy and getting fat.
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Hi Dan

Well, Minnosh started eating my kittens' food in addition to her regular Eukanuba lamb & rice So I bought IAMS Less Active, which has 45% less fat ! I fed her with it for a week. Since she's not very fat, now I mixed IAMS with Eukanuba (a little bit more IAMS, though).

I was looking for Eukanuba less active, but the store was out of it that day & I didn't want to wait.
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They are just little fat pouches that most indoor cats get. They really aren't classfied as obese or overweight until thier ribs start to dissapear.
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