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The Boss!!! Mr. T

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I have the best cat in the world. I got him when he was 10 weeks old. He was a great kitten. He doesn't like any kind of "people food". He only eats his hard food and he gets a half pouch of soft food a day. Which he has to have or he'll let you know that you "forgot" him. After my girlfriend moved in, it was love at first site. He'd follow her everywhere she went in the house and still does. She can't even go to the bathroom without him being there. It is so cute. She has epilepsy, and he can tell when she is about to have a seizure. She has 2 daughters and when it's bedtime and she tells them to go to bed and they don't listen to her. He'll wrangle them up and chase them into their room. That is so funny to watch. She has had 2 surguries. After she has came home from the hospital he is real protactive of her. I mean he won't let any anybody near her except me. It's the same way with a seizure. Nobody gets near mommy if something is wrong with her. We've never seen this kind of behavior out of a cat before. We were wondering if anybody else has seen this in a cat before. He is a dream cat. He loves to play rough like normal everyday cats. He loves to chase ankles at bed time and make sure you get on the bed. Well that's enough for now.
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All cats are different but you got one that is more in tune to the family. I have a few of them. The ones who get upset when you arent in bed at normal time. I am glad to see more people with cats that see how special and smart they really are. I am happy he has brought smiles and something special into your home. I hope you will stay and share some more stories with us!
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Wow Creech! Your post really touched my heart....my sister-in-law has epilepsy...and I had heard that sometimes animals could tell when a seizure was about to begin, but never heard it first hand before. You have an exceptional cat, there!! I know you will cherish it! I really am glad you have joined us!!! WElcome
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Thank you for the welcomes and the replys to my post. Mr.T really is something else. i'll keep you updated as time permits

Scott aka Creech
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