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Just can't sleep tonight

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I'm having a wee bit of a problem sleeping tonight and since I can't go in and turn on the TV because I'd wake up sleeping beauty and the royal court(brad and the cats LOL!) I thought I'd come and see whose on the late shift at TCS.. so whose up at quarter to four Iowa time, in the am??
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Hi Barb, what's keeping you awake. It is horrid when you can't sleep. It is 9.46am here in the UK. Only got three hours sleep myself last night, have a terrible habit of going to bed VERY late. TCS may have something to do with it, because that is when most people are on it, being earlier in US than here.
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CILLA: It's her wedding day tomorrow wooooo hoooooo

How's the bride to be feeling apart from being unable to sleep?

And has the co workers problem been sorted?
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No wonder you're unable to sleep, Barb! You must be so excited! One more day!
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I'm still here. i got booted off and couldn't get back on!
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well, the bride to be met her uncle and aunt today and they turned out to be nothing short of fantastic! we took them all over clinton and Fulton and they (hopefully) had a good time. as it turns out it was also my uncles birthday today. he's 59 I think they said. what's keeping me up? I'm really not sure.
pre wedding jitters? I don't know. Maybe it's the fact taht my mom is coming tomorrow and I haven't seen her in so long and the last time she was here, we clashed heads, maybe it's the co worker thing, but I think I got that sorted out, she isnt' coming now and thinks brad is an a$$hole. so I'm hoping that she isn't stupid enough to do anything to our house while we are at the reception...... yeah, its still got me a little concerned, but I hope that nothing bad happens Saturday. rain i can handle, it's been doing that for what seems like forever, but if that's the worst of it, I can deal with it.
and if thsi computer can tell me why I got booted off TCS and then couldn't get back on, I'd be exstatic!
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Barb at the end of the day no matter what your mum or any of your co workers think of Brad, they won't be the ones living with him!.

Surely your mum would'nt do anything to your house?, i'd hope not anyway.

You have a great day, and if anyone kicks off just remind them who's day it is!!.

What time do you get married?, and whats the time difference from the UK where you are?. The reason being i'll be raising my own glass to you both! .

Don't forget, we want to see lots of pics of the bride and groom.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac

Don't forget, we want to see lots of pics of the bride and groom.
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Well, let's see, right now it's 5 am. Friday morning. we get married at 3 on Sat afternoon and the reception is at 5pm. earlier you said it was 9:46 am when I firday am when i said it was 4:45 right? so let's see, how many hours different is that??
no I don't think my mom will do anything, she just kind of likes to take over and control things and that bothers me a little but I can deal with that.
My co worker, well she hates him because I told her in no uncertain terms that if the house or cars were touched in any way Brad would FREAK and she got mad and told me then she wasn't coming. well good riddance to bad rubbish I say, I've got enough to deal with without having to deal with stupid people doing stupid things. the only thing I'm still nervous about is the cats. I guess I can slip out once in awhile and come over to check on them. that ought to be interesting to do ya think?? but it has to be done. for my sake and sanity. and well like i said, if the worst thing that happens is that it rains, I"ll be overjoyed!
I'm going to go in and try to get some sleep. I have to decorate the reception hall at noon today and my mom will be here around 4 so I need to be on my best behavior and looking somewhat decent. thanks for chatting with me you guys are the greatest!
I promise pics for all! (and I'll let you know if I actually get any sleep!)
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oh Barb - how exciting!!!

I KNOW that Saturday will be BRILLIANT!!! and you can trust that I will also be raising a glass to you as well!!!

hmmm hang on lets do some calculations here
if its 5.25am there
and its now 8.25pm here

therefore at 3pm Saturday there
its 6am Sunday morning here

that means I will need to raise a glass to you at 6am in the morning!!!
Better make sure I have a BIG saturday night
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That makes us 5 hours ahead in the UK(From the reception time), so it will be 10 p.m. over here.

My glass will be filled and ready!

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Barb you must be so excited by now. I will have my drink ready at 10pm our time. You are going to have such a wonderful day.
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Well everyone, so far I've had about 3 hours of sleep last night. now my moms here safe and sound. now all we need to do is say I do and everything be ok tomorrow and I'll be fine. Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight so that I won't have bags under my eyes like I do now.
I will be thinking about each and everyone of you when I am at the reception! when I come home tomorrow night if I get a chance, I'll pop in and tell ya how it went. thanks for putting up with me all these last few months. See I don't do good under pressure! LOL! infact, I suck!
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Have a beautiful day tomorrow and keep your chin up!

Happy Wedding Day to YOU!
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Relax, relax, relax - and enjoy your wedding day!
It's already that far along here: 12:50 a.m.- Congratulations!
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only 16 more hours to go until we finally say I do... then i can breathe a sigh of relief. who wants to do a countdown??? LMAO!
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I would do a countdown....but instead....I am going to go start a new thread in honor of your big day!!!! Today is the day!!!!
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