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Terrorising Old Cat

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Freinds of mine are having a problem with their cat. (She is a 4 year old desexed female). She has begun to break into the neighbours house and terrorise thier 16 year old cat. She seems fine with other cats and is just harrasing this one. (kill the weak?)

Does anyone have any ideas to help? I have suggested that the neighbours get a cat door and collar that only lets in their own cat, but it is not much of a solution. Neither families will keep their cats indoors during the day.


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Hey Vickie...

That is very disturbing indeed...I was going to have you read this thread:


But the problem seems to be more involved than simply "disliking" the other cat. Please continue to check back as I'm sure that Hissy or one of the other mods will be able to assist you.

Good Luck,

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I think the logical answer is to get a cat door that can be opened only by the 16 year old. I honestly can't see another solution (beyond the obvious of simply locking the pet door permanently).
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i am having the same problem as vickiedavy.we have 3 cat that stay inside and 5 that stay outside.the 3 inside cats are all males(been fixed)the 5 outside are 3 males and 2 females.im having trouble with one of the ones inside.he sneaks out the door as soon as i open it and goes outside.theres 1 of the outside cats that he attacks and fights ever time he goes out.poor scrappy (he male)dont want to fight and he runs from him but he always catches him.i cant figure out why he picks on this 1 cat.he doesnt bother any of the other ones.can anybody give me any help.
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The easy solution is to keep the cat inside.
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