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Oh, Cathi, I'm so sorry. You must just be so frustrated ! Did you ask if they could prescribe something that would be effective for your pain without having to be concerned about the risk of addiction?
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I am so sorry Blondie . I don't know what else to say , only that my is going out to you .

I will keep you in my prayers that the DR's will find a pain free solution for you some how
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Thanks Guys You are all the very best. I hope that I can find someone who can help me without them telling me it's all in my head. I can tell you this it isn't. There is visible blood in my urine(sorry there I go again with TMI) I am having a hard time describing the pain to the Dr.'s but I have given them my best description I can. Pinching and squeezing feeling isn't any fun when it is a constant thing Somedays it is tolerable and I don't have to take anything other days it is unbearable and I have to take meds for it I just don't know what to do now except put up with it like I have done for the last several years
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Honey, pllease, get another opinion. I ended up in the hospital because of a misdiagnosis, so before you end up there, please, please, get another doctors opinion.....I know you're feeling so frustrated right now but seriously, just go to another doctor, if you have to go out of town then do it. I"m begging you, don't put it off anymore, it's for your health sake.
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Hey sis find out if this new gamma knife that AMH has can be used to help with your problem. It was just a light bulb over my head a little dim but a thought. Welcome to my world the pain world that is. Big Bubba
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