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I went visiting yesterday. Look who I saw!

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They are soooo soft and fluffy! I got to hold and pet and kiss them! I didn't get to take any pics of my own as I forgot the camera but their Mom sent me these two pics. They are so very happy with their new Mommy and Daddy!

Here are Sooty and Tabatha.

Edited to add: If you're not familiar with who these two remarkable kittens are, you can read this thread to find out.
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Oh Tania look at them! The epitome of health and happiness! Good job bringing them into the world, and good job in placing them.
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Thanks MA. I can't believe they're 3 1/2 months old already. They're getting so big!
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They are looking great and healthy.

You did a fine job with them.
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Aaawww! Sooty and Tabatha are so sweet and cuddly! You sure do great work, Tania!
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They are so beautiful. Time has gone by so quickly. It was wonderful what you did for them.
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Amazing photos! I can hardly believe these were the teeny wee babies! I followed their story at the beginning, but I can't find the details about when they were adopted. Is there a thread for the middle? (I left off at about 1 month).
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I think after about 5 weeks, I just did picture updates here, here, here, here, and here.
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Tania, I'm SO curious! Did they recognize you? Did they still see you as Mama?

They both are simply stunning, and even more so because of their precarious beginnings. Good job!
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No, they didn't recognise me but that's to be expected after many weeks. They were quite relaxed about me playing with them, holding them and kissing them, though. So much so that their mom called me just after I left her house and left a message on the answering machine, saying that they now smelled like Hugo Boss! I was given some Deep Red for Mother's Day from all the kittens and my four cats and must've transferred a tiny bit when I was cuddling the girls.
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Awww Tania they are adorable. I just don't how you do it, I would have to keep every kitten I came across You did a wonderful job with them, they look so healthy and happy.
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LOL Tanya, I've been super good and only kept one kitten.
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Vegemite right? Just another kitten you did so well with You are just amazing I guess it would be much easier knowing that they are going to good homes with people who will love them as much as you do.
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That is so wonderful , I am so proud of you They both look so very happy and so very healthy Well let us not forget the very cute looks of both too
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They are so cute.
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Oh gosh, they are just so darn cute! They look like they are doing well and are very happy!
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WOW !!! Tania I just read the whole story of these two sweeties. Boy were they ever lucky to get to your care. You made a miracle happen.

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Fern, they certainly are two little miracles. The lady that found them brought them to me in a clay dish that was on the bottom of a plant pot - no towel, no blanket, nothing. It was quite a cold night and they were so cold, I didn't know why they were still alive. I won't go into too much detail but ants had also found them, and the third one was bad and died just after they arrived.

Their mom and dad love them to bits!
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They are incredibly gorgeous!! Such sweeties
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