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Silly Nilla

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As many of you may remember, I got a new cat named Nilla about a month ago, Purple (the kitty who already lived here) wasn't letting her use the litterbox at all, and Nilla was peeing and pooing everywhere. Fortunately, I strategically placed a new litterbox and now those incidents are few and far between. But now Purple wants to play with Nilla, and Nilla likes to play- ROUGHLY. Purple has had three- four scratches on her in the past week or so. I feel bad for her . She chases Nilla and when she corners her Nilla gets all feisty and swats with her claws. Purple swats, but her claws are withdrawn. How do I make them play nice? DO I make them play nice? Or should I just clip their claws and let them play all they want? Also, Nilla was given to us because she played kinda rough with her nine housemates and they beat up on her.
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I certainly agree you should keep those claws trimmed to avoid scratches even on you.
My QT is one of those rough players but I think it's more of bullying than play. Joji and Skinny don't think is funny and they respond by hissing and swatting her (claws are withdrawn). I don't let QT corner the other two to avoid a potential cat fight because those claws will come out if QT persists. I hope this is not your case and maybe in time Purple and Nilla will adjust their "play" mode to accomodate each other.
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Yeah I agree clipping the claws is a good idea.

Chastity... How old and how big are your two cats? Is Nilla a kitten and Purple full grown? If so, then I would be less worried about it... Purple might be teaching Nilla how to hunt and play.

I don't know if you can tell by the pictures in my signature or not, but Clarence is really big... He stands 2" taller and 4" longer than all of my other cats. He's about twice the size of Amelia, my smallest cat. Clarence likes to play rough and he really loves chasing. He's rough with everyone. All my cats except Amelia just give him a good beat down every now and again and keep him in his place. But with Amelia, I think she feels threatened by the big boy and she normally swats at him then bolts... which he just loves to chase so he bolts right after her... It's gotten to the point with the two of them that all he has to do is walk by and she hisses and swats at him... which just encourages him to rough house with him even more. I've been having difficulties with separating them in these situations since they're normally bolting around. I've getting upset with Amelia for swatting at him, because I know why she's doing it... But I'm not sure how to get Clarence to leave her alone long enough so she'll stop the swatting... They've been a real trial lately!
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That's funny, cause Nilla is very small- about 5-6 pounds and she's a year and a half. And purple is bigger (and fluffier). So I guess Nilla might just be scared with Purple chasing her around the house, because she's pretty cautious. And Purple is just plain outgoing. But I did trim their claws last night for the first time- Nilla was easy, Purple HATED it. But if I clip one kitty's paws I have to clip all the kitty's paws. Purple chased Nilla like normal this morning, which resulted in the usual swatting and hissing. At least I don't have to worry about anyone getting hurt anymore .
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