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PaprikaChristmas - Gone for 2 years

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December 21, 2001 - June 2, 2002
He was my little man and I miss him still.
I keep his blue baby blanket where he slept on my bed still.
He was only 5 months old when he died in my arms.
I had raised him from day one when he was born and his mother rejected him.
I now suspect she knew something that I did not.
He was a little orange tabby with a white face, paws, and belly.
He was adorable and I loved him so much...I still do.
I was really depressed yesterday but I am feeling better today.
Above is the link to his candlelight rose ceremony for anyone who wants to see him. My daughter made him some wings and sat him on a cloud. He is my sweet baby angel.
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Oh Nan, I am so sorry You gave him the best 5 months. As time passes it will get easier, but you are always going to hold a special place in your heart for him You are in my thoughts and prayers. RIP sweet PaprickaChristmas
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Nan, when the momcats reject a kitten, there is usually a health issue brewing. The mom will discard the kitten because the pull inside of her is strong and she needs her whole family to be strong and survive. The little one becomes a liablity for her. Unless you know that going in, there is little you can do to save the kitten who is no longer a part of the litter. It is nature's way cruel or not, it is how the cats survive.

Don't blame yourself, you had no way of knowing.
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Thinking of you Nan, and what a beautiful baby he was. Love that candlelight rose ceremony.
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Beutiful cat. So much you miss him still. But you good to him, he was happy. He do see from heven!
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