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Various cat problems! (long post)

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Hi all,
I'm new to this forum and am really looking for some help. I have a 5 year old neutered male cat, Bailey. I love him to death, but my husband thinks he is the devil. The first problem we have is that my husband thinks Bailey is too mean and aggressive (i.e. he bites you after you've been petting him for a while and attacks your feet). I think most of this is normal and is also due to the fact that my husband plays very rough with him to begin with! My husband claims Bailey likes to play rough, but I think it makes his aggression worse.
Our second major problem is that Bailey is an indoor cat (and always has been), who desperately wants to be an outdoor cat. We are constantly battling to keep him away from the door and it is a royal pain when we have people over. Any suggestions on how to keep him from wanting to get out so bad?! Every so often, he will manage to escape and will cruise outside for most of the day before coming home...usually in time for lunch or dinner. Anyway, after this happens, he starts his yowling routine. He yowls whenever we are around to hear him...especially at night.
My husband is at his wit's end and I'm broken hearted because I want them to be friends. HELP!!
Thank you!!
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First..welcome to the site. Here are some posts that I have found...perhaps these will provide you with some suggestions:




I'll search for some others..also, I'm sure that there will be some other people who post who can provide you with suggestions.

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Welcome to TheCatSite!

First I will address Bailey's aggression. It sounds as if one of his biggest problems is that he becomes aggressive due to overstimulation. Please click here to read a thread on how to stop aggression toward people and focus on the section about aggression due to overstimulation. Believe it or not, this is an easy behavior to stop.

Regarding his desire to be outside, one easy solution that works for some cats (but not all) is to grow some cat grass for him. You can find cat grass at any pet supply store. Plant the seeds in a heavy, shallow pot (a light plastic pot will be too easy to tip over). Baily will love rolling in and eating the grass, which may satisfy his urges to go outside.

When company comes over, toss Bailey his favorite treat on the opposite side of the room while you open the door. He will soon learn that the door bell equals yummy treats and he will wait for the treat rather than dashing through the door. Give him lots of love and praise for staying on the other side of the room when the door was opened.

I hope these suggestions help!
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