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Special new bed!

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Went into the pet store in Havelock, about an hour from here, where I am occassionally scheduled to work. What immediately caught my eye was a display of lovely cat tent beds. Upon closer examination, I learned that all of the proceeds for the beds support research to investigate treatments and promote awareness of feline leukemia. The nonprofit organization called the Marley Fund was founded in 2001 by a woman when she lost her beloved marbled orange tabby, Marley, of complications from this terrible deadly virus. Each bed is slightly different and is in honor of a victim of FeLV. We have the Janis Tent. A picture of Janis was attached to the bed. She is a beautiful calico who lost her life in 1996 due to FeLV. Just in case anyone wonders, I'm not promoting this organization, but believe everyone will be happy to know about the work being done to find a cure.
When I brought home the bed, I figured at best Sierra would consider it a rare cave for exploration and at worst (and most likely) it would make a lovely decoration. Actually, I thought I would end up giving it to my cat group since we have many, many kittens right now and some of them could use a soft bed. Either way, it was for a good cause. I brought it in and put it down, ignoring it like it wasn't there. At first, Sierra checked it out a little, and I thought that would be that. Would you imagine my utter shock when a few minutes later, I didn't see her anywhere and found her cuddled in her bed! She spent the rest of the evening, and most of her free time since, snuggled up in there!

Hmmm, what's this?
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I like it!
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How's this for comfy!
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Aww that looks soooo cute , when your cat is in there

I think it is a good fund raiser , at least something is being done .
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What precious photos of Sierra. They are all lovely, but the second one is beautiful. She is gorgeous Stephanie. The bed is full of kitties! It looks great.
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awww, she looks so cute sleeping in her new tent bed!
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Sierra is soooo cute I wonder where I can find one of those beds for my Dori!
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She looks very comfy! Great pic's!

Luna just told me she wants one, too . . .
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It seems that this fund/cat tent is only available in NC.. I'm gonna be happy to pick one up when I go to the Vet later this month. If you're not in NC you can order them online but it's 12.50 shipping.. or it seems that if you wait, they may be sold in a walmart near you
the site: http://www.marleyfund.com

I think they're adorable, and at least molly may have somewhere different to hide than IN MY BOXSPRING
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Hey Stephanie! You should submit the pics of Sierra sleeping inside to that website for the fund. They have a link view our satisfied customers and they show kitties sleeping in the tents! Sierra would be a perfect model
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Sierra looks cool and comfy in her new bed!!
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I made one for Sam when I got him. I think it took all of a day to make it. He and Sally squish in it together. Its funny because the sides of it bulge out and the top gets flat where its filled to maximum capacity.
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OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!! What a lovely thing sent from God! Oh Stpehanie she is gorgeous and you are a mighty fine photographer woman! I am mesmerized, just mesmerized: Sasha's little brother died of FeLV leukemia in Eric's arms November 9 and what a way to immortalize him in a truly unqiue fashion. We were devastated and it took Sashie a long, long time to recover from it, too. You know I have contacts out your way and I will buy a bed or contribute!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS AND THOSE PIX!!
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Tanya, Elizabeth and Viva, I would be overjoyed to purchase and send to you the bed of your choice! That goes for everyone else, too. Just pm me and let me know! Stephanie
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OMG I need one of these! Sierra looks so cute and comfy in there! Audrey would *LOVE* to have a cave all her own!
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Originally Posted by squirtle
Hey Stephanie! You should submit the pics of Sierra sleeping inside to that website for the fund. They have a link view our satisfied customers and they show kitties sleeping in the tents! Sierra would be a perfect model
I think thats a great idea!!! Sierra looks so comfy and happy in there!!

I love the beds - such a great idea. And its so great to see people fundrasing for such a great cause.
*hides computer screen from Tipsy & Cedar*
oops too late - they want one now as well!!!
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She looks so cute and happy with her own 'tent'.
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Awwwwwwww how sweet does Sierra look!

I love the last pic all curled up and cosy and knowing that the proceeds are going towards a good cause is brilliant
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I will be watching for them at Walmart. Cleo (1984-1989) had FeLV and I would like to get one in his honor.
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What pet store did you find it in in Havelock? I am in Jacksonville, and occasionally make trips to Havelock. I would love to go look at them. I donate to the Marlry Fund in my vet's office, but did not realize it was such a great organization. I lost my dear Leo, a beautiful 22lb. red tabby boy, to FeLV in 2002. I am going to enter his pic in the calendar contest.
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Darling pics!! I love it when our felines sleep, they look so darling and content
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2
What pet store in Havelock did you find those?
Bill's Pet Shop on HWY 70!

Nancy, I believe they are only available in NC at this time. I would be more than happy to send you one or you may want to check their website for ordering info!
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We went to an "All About Pets" show here in the Toronto Area and bought a bed exactly like yours - right down to the print on the material.

Our Bijou will run after his toy and then run back into the tent with it and wait for you to get it out and throw it for him again. We also use the tent in the car when we go out for a pleasure drive. (I know, I know, you should have them in a carrier, but I've had several cats that love to sleep across my shoulders while I drive.)
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I've read about the Marley Fund (don't remember where), and think the tents are a great idea for raising funds. Cat beds aren't high on JC's list. He has a tent, which he tried out for about ten minutes when I first brought it home, and a beautiful wicker bed my in-laws got him, which he sleeps in maybe twice a year, and that only because it's on top of a kitchen cabinet and a good place to hide from unwanted guests. He loves to sleep up in his cat tree, though, and snoozes on his window perches. Our bed is his favorite place, though, followed by the bed in the spare bedroom. This is his idea of a perfect cat bed:
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I think it is wonderful what the Marley Fund is doing and I just love all the pics of Sierra in her new bed! She is such a beautiful cat!
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Sierra really looks like she is enjoying her new tent! I am so glad that because of her comfort Jenis will always be remembered. What a good idea! Hope Sierra has many more camping trips! I love pic #3 btw!
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That's so wonderful of you to support this great organization. I'm familiar with the Marley Fund the lady who started the group has posted on the Felv mailing list I belong to. I don't know if anyone on the board know's but my Sash was diagnosed with this disease at 6 months old. He's 11 1/2 now. I just posted a story about him at fourpawstrail.com and you can also read about other Felv positive kitties who are enjoying happy lives too! The website it doing this story to hopefully encourage more people to adopt these kitties who test positive.

Sierra looks just adorable and very happy in her tent! I love the one of her snuggling up to sleep.

Lisa & Sash
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What a lovely bed. She looks happy in it and for such a great cause.

Thanks for sharing!
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OHhhhh, our kitties would just LOVE that bed.
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