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Cleo's litter

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Well, I was finally able to sex the kittens last night. man they're getting big arlready! So, we have a very light orange/cream male, a grey and white male, a black/brown tabby male and a black/brown tabby female They are getting to be so cute! I've already singled out my favorite..of course he's the runt..lol. The grey and white male..he's going to be sooooo cute! FYI, mom and kitts are all doing awesome. The babies hardly cry when I piuck them up now, so they're really getting used to me Anyway, just thought I'd give you all an update since it's been a few days!
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That's great Megan.

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Awww.....The kittens have started purring! Their little purrs are so cute! They are getting so big. I think they have atleast grown 4 or 5 times bigger than they were when they were born.
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