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Training Kitty

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Hi, I am getting a Kitty and I would like some advice on how to train it to use the litter box. I had my first Kitty for 10 years but I was too young to remember how we taught her.

Please help!
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If the kitten is still with mom, keeping her with mom till she is 12 weeks old, means that you won't have to train her at all. Any younger and you will probably be having lots of accidents until she gets the hang of using the box
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Thanks, she is currently with mom, Im not sure how many weeks old. If she is very young and not trained, do you have any advice for me?
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whatiwillbe..welcome to the site....I "think" what Hissy is saying (and Hissy correct me if I'm wrong) is that the Mom cat will teach the kittens how to use the litterbox. But you should definately wait to pick up your kitten until it has reached 12 weeks of age in order to ensure that it gets enough time with Mom to learn all it needs.

BTW...congrats on your kitten. Do you happen to have another animal in the house?? Kittens really do well with a companion.

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Well, I just got a 7 week old kitten, and I just put her in the litter box. She uses it quite regularly. She came from a litter born in a barn, and there was no litter box around. The kittens just used the great out of doors. Mine hasn't had any accidents that I know of, but I'm figuring that I will find something behind the couch or under the bed before long. It goes without saying.
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whatwillibe, welcome to TCS. Caspar, kitten accidents aren't inevitable at all. If you follow a good method, you'll have great success.

When you bring your kitten home, you'll need to confine her to one or two rooms for the first 24 hours or so. This helps her adjust to her new home. Visit her as often as you can while she's confined. Make sure she has her food, toys, bed and litter box in the room with her. Keep the litter box and the food separated as far as possible as cats don't like to eat near their litter box. She will soon learn where it is and once she's used it a few times, you can let her out into the rest of the house. Take her to the litter box every few hours during the first day she has access to the whole house and let her find her way back by herself. Don't move the litter box around, otherwise she may not know where it is. Friends and family who have taken my kittens follow this method and none of the kittens have had 'accidents'.
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