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teeth pulled and cat clawed out stitches

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I just had my 14 year old's teeth cleaned and two had to be pulled. I brought her home yesterday. She was still a little groggy. When she came to she started clawing at her mouth like she was trying to get something that was stuck out. She pulled her stitches loose. I had to take her back and they sedated her and kept her over night. I'm trying to figure out how to prevent this from happening again. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm sure she feels the stitches and he also packed it with an antibiotic. The vet also said her jawbone is brittle and since it is, her other bones may be like that too. I've always fed her good quality food or thougt I did. I don't know if this is from age or what. She was exposed to feline leukemia over a year ago but hasn't been sick at all except for the abcessed tooth. She's strictly an inside cat. Thanks! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cathy
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I would almost think that some sort of calming paste you can put on your cat's ears would help? Obviously you can't pill right now, but talk to your vet about some sort of calming paste to use until the mouth heals and the kitty feels better. The paste will absorb into the skin and get into the blood stream and calm your kitty.
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Boy, you poor thing, and poor kitty! I'm so glad she got the attention she needed, but boy, she did not like those stitches, hunh?

I sure hope that Hissy's suggestion works, and that your vet can help with this. Otherwise the only other option I can think of is a "Victorian" collar. (ooops! It's an "Elizabethan" collar!) Obviously cats hate this (when we had to use one on ours, the poor guy kept backing up and bumping into things, and shaking his head around. It was horrible to watch - not because he was in pain, but because it was so obviously uncomfortable, and we love him so much!).

But despite the level of discomfort with the collar - it's a lot better than an infection in the mouth/gums, and repeated trips to the vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Here's a link about the collar Laurie mentioned. I hope your baby is feeling better soon!

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This happened with Bella, only I didn't know it because I brought her home two days after the extractions and didn't know about the stitches. Her gum still hasn't healed closed, but the vet (the same one that did the extraction) didn't seem too concerned, as long as she wasn't showing signs of sinus troubles. I'm planning on taking her in to get it stitched closed later this summer, unless she develops an infection between now and then. Just want to be sure I have a couple days at home to monitor her recovery!
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Thanks for the advice. I put in a call to the vet. Waiting on him to call me back. I'm hoping if I go get her today we'll have a good night tonight. Bad storms here for the last 3 nights. Power went out so we've had no sleep. I also work for an electrician and the phones are ringing off the hook. I'm worn out.
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Just a quick update on Friskey. I brought her home from the vet and she's doing fine. Hasn't clawed at her mouth anymore. Takes her pain medicine and antibiotic fine. Was stressed at first but she calmed down when I put her in my bedroom. That's her favorite place to be. Sure glad she's better and this will be behind us soon. Thanks for all the advice.
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Cathy have only just seen your thread. Poor little thing to have to go through this. Glad Friskey is feeling so much better.
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My business partner's cat just had ALL his teeth removed, the poor old guy! The vet in Hong Kong gave him a paste with a little valium (I think!) to put on his paws. He never tried to get the stitches out.

Of course, there was a drawback...after about 5 days they weaned the kitty off the paste, but he kept coming to them and meowing and putting out his paw...I think he got a little addicted! hehe

Ask your vet he has any knowledge of this kind of thing.
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