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Need some good thoughts for Alex!

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My second oldest cat Alex is sick this morning. He woke me up making a howling sound and then he threw up and was drooling, he wouldnt move from that spot for a few minutes and then he tried to walk in the living room and he was really unsteady, favoring his left leg. He then went in the living room and got under the table where he has been for the last hour or so. He just doesnt look right so I called and got him in at the vet at 10:45 this morning. His one side of his face, the left looks a little drawn up, his whiskers on that side are flat against his face and on the other side they arent. But he wont get up and walk, he is purring, I know that means he could be in pain and a while ago the layed down and stretched his rear left leg up a little. It kind of reminds me of a stroke, but I'm not sure if cats have strokes like people do.
He is getting up there in years and I know it could be a number of things. He is 12 years old. Just hope he will be ok.
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I am so sorry Alex is sick. I am glad your getting him to the vets this morning. Please let us know what the vet says, I am saying a prayer for him right now.
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I'm glad you're bringing him to the vet. Sending healing vibes! Yes, cats can have strokes, just like humans, but only your vet can tell you for sure.

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Awww the poor baby, i hope it isn't a stroke

Please let us know what happens
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Aw Malynn, I'm so sorry for poor Alex! Thank god he's got you. I'm unfamiliar with the diseases and problems of aging cats, but I'd have to agree with you - it does sound like a stroke. Cats can be afflicated by most of the same things people can. I am sending up prayers that he's going to be OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well we just got back home from the vet. The vet I saw at my veterinarians office sent me to another of his vets in another city to take a look at him for a second opinion. They think he has a brain tumor or either had a stroke. They have him on medication and he seems to be feeling better, he is talking to me and making those trilling sounds he makes at me. He was drooling so bad and now thats stopped too. He walks with really high steps on his 2 left feet and his face looks kind of flatter on that side. She said they could send him to a university and have a cat scan or mri but she thought that it was one of the two things and its really costly and wanted to see what they could do there first. She said if it was a stroke that he will improve somewhat and if it is a brain tumor he wont improve but get worse. I have to keep him on the meds till Monday and then they will go from there with tests. Right now, I brought him home and he wanted to go out but Im keeping him inside. At least he is responding to me and does seem to feel better than this morning.
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I am so sorry I hope Alex starts feeling better soon, and that it was a stroke, not that that's good but at least they say he can recover and not a tumor. I am praying for you both Hang in there
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OMG I am so sorry to read this malynn

It does sound like a stroke to me too , but I am not a vet . Maybe you can try my vet and is near you and you would not have to travel so far . But then I don't know if they have what you need for your baby . But a call would not hurt to ask them and you could get a 2nd opinion there too . Please keep us posted
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Thanks for the update. I'm so sorry that the cost of an MRI or cat scan would be prohibitive. Given the two options, I really hope it was a stroke and that he'll continue to improve!!!!! Sending prayers and vibes Alex's way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Alex ate this morning, which made me feel so much better. He is more alert than last nite but buy no means ok. I took him to his litter box and he used it also. He still walks with the high step on the front and back left but did use his left front to dig in the litterbox. I made him a bed here in the computer room in the closet where its quiet and darker and he likes that. He is trilling at me and purring also. I am hoping this next dose of medication will help him some. I know he probably wont ever be back to his old self and just want to make him comfortable and care for him. He got some really good rest last nite and so did I but I was up several times checking on him. My daughter is taking his illness so hard. She was 2 when we got him in Germany and she is 14 now, she grew up with him in the house. I hope he recovers but I know I have to take it one day at a time and hopefully he will get better. He is the type of cat thats up in the highest spots he can get, he even gets on top of the house and walks around up there. Used to when we would leave to take my daughter to school every morning he would take off running across the yard and run up a tree as if to say "hey look at me mom". He's a special guy.
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Malynn, glad to hear Alex is a little better today. It really does sound like a stroke, rather than a brain tumour as he's improving. hugs to you, Alex and your daughter.
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I just saw this, and I think it sounds like a stroke also. Hopefully, it was a milder stroke and Alex will be able to have a full recovery. Sending lots of powerful healing vibes his way!!!

P.S. My Snowball and your Alex are about the same age. Snowball will be 13 in September. This stage of cats' lives when problems start developing seems to come way too soon doesn't it???????
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Have to agree w/the majority opinion, it sounds like a stroke to me. My first kitty, Tigger, had a stroke when she was about 12 and living w/my mom, 2000 miles away from me but Mom took her to the vet, who put her on meds for two weeks, and she lived another 3 years, very healthy.

Here's to Alex's continued recovery!!!
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Malynn it sounds very much like a stroke, but I think a mild one, because he is recovering so quickly. I had a cat who had a severe stroke, he was only 3 years old. It took him a long while to recover and he literally dragged his back legs behind him for weeks. It was a very bad stroke and he lived to be 17 years old, 14 years after recovering from his stroke. If it is a stroke ask for blood test because you want to know what has caused it. Hope Alex is much better soon, please let us know how you get on.
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Alex seems to be improving, I'm so happy! He is up in the computer chair, I had to give it to him and find another chair to sit here at the desk. He is eating well now, he ate some tuna cat food (his favorite) and some dry food also today. He is looking more like himself now, although he still doesnt move around much. He is still walking a little funny but not as bad, and he talks to me when I call his name. I was thinking the worst last nite, because he looked so bad and I'm so thankful that he is doing better today. He goes back to the vet on Monday or sooner if needed, but was told to bring him back on Monday. Its been a stressful couple of days. Going to sleep alot this weekend!
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As a physical therapist who works with humans, I'm not sure if the same applies to cats, but I think it does. Having Alex on meds right away is very important, but so is "therapy". Massaging his muscles (leg, shoulder, hip, back and neck --- not stomach area) will help, as well as putting his limbs through "range of motion", moving his joints in their normal pattern (bending and straightening). You can even do "isometrics" by gently pushing on the bottoms of his feet and hopefully he'll push back.

Providing him with shorter heights to climb on safely like you're doing is excellent!

We did therapy on our 4-month old kitten who walked like a drunk due to damage to his cerebellum (area of brain affecting balance) caused by his mom's distemper. He can't jump on counters, but jumps on chairs & beds, runs up and down the stairs, etc.

We will send positive thoughts and energy your way!!!
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